Introduction: TAKE Satellite Pictures of Earth for Under 50$

Here is short video how to download satellite pictures of earth for under 50$.

Software links:

SDR Sharp:     (Tuner software)
WXtoImg:                                               (Decoder software)
Orbitron:                                                            (Sat track software)

Antenna links:



Cross dipole:    


Info about circular polarization:

Antenna preamp schematic:

NOTE: On preamp, turn trimmers to tune to desired frequency!

List of satellites and frequencies:

NOAA 15     137.620   MHz
NOAA 17     137.500   MHz
NOAA 18     137.9125 MHz
NOAA 19     137.100   MHz


knomas (author)2014-10-16

cool !

knomas (author)2014-10-16

cool !

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