How to download video from just about any site that has an embedded video

Free, no need to download an external program

Step 1: Find a video to download.

Easy. Youtube etc.
GurpalS2 months ago

I made this:


does all the work automatically

for any file!!

Alva673 months ago

I do not like to download videos by using online download websites. I prefer to use software. I always use Total Video Downloader for Mac to download and save online videos to my Mac. This App supports so many video sharing sites!

axjmd10 months ago

This method doesn't work.

This method doesn't work indeed. I have made a tutorial how to download any video from the internet. Can you tell me if it worked for you? Otherwise I will search another method!


pramsey31 year ago
So, why should I trust a file being sent to me from strangers over a program being sent by strangers? How do I know that the file hasn't been tampered with by the time I get it?

You are right! I currently use Save Video plug-in for Internet explorer. It contains all you need - video downloader add-on for Internet explorer, converter and player. And I trust this software.

Johnson1173 years ago
As far as I know, video grabber does a great job to download video from just about any site that has an embedded video. It's a best online app and totally free. You can count on it.
ndubois4 years ago
u can use atube catcher which helps downloading youtube or any videos from the net by just pasting the url u should doenload atube catcher version - 2.3 570 in which u acn even choose ur resolution i hope this maybe helpful to you
slimguy3797 years ago
HELP!!! maybe you or others could help me, I cant do it!!!! I use this url with website including zamzar ect. this url :http://video.aol.com/video/tv-thundercats-mongor/1873290
and can't download it please help me out!! (don't leave a comment saying to search "thundercats" at youtube and download them there because I'v watch / burned all 10 of the first episodes off of you tube and there are no more full episodes!!!!) thanks
If you're using Firefox as your browser, then download the Ook! Video plugin. Download most embedded video straight to your desktop or wherever. If you're NOT using Firefox......go get firefox! :-)
firefox put a bunch of viruses on my computer dont download it
kwalian (author)  MisterSlippy8 years ago
Can you choose what format to save it as with Ook!?
kwalian (author) 8 years ago
I have read that Instructable, but the reason I wrote this one was because it requires no download which is ideal for some people I know that can't place files in the program files :-)
PVC marxman8 years ago
you can also look for tetranitrates instructible on downloading youtube vids of any size using a Firefox extension called greasemonkey. i prefer using that method then converting it because .flv files download faster than avi or otherwise.
kwalian (author) 8 years ago
Did you try Zamzar?
kwalian (author) 8 years ago
I have found that it doesn't always resize well.