How to 'download' Videos Off Youtube Without Using Software





Introduction: How to 'download' Videos Off Youtube Without Using Software

My first instructable...

Ok. In this instructable you'll be told how to 'download' videos off youtube without out using pesky software...

Step 1:

Ok... So to do this you need

1) Half a brain
2) Knowledge of where to find (yes, I have seen people that don't know where to find this)

Step 2: The 'Downloading'

In the big picture below can you see the red arrow. See how above the red arrow are the options for subscribe and other stuff... Where it says 'embed' and then gives you a long code, copy that really long code,

goto notepad           start>all programs>accessories

paste the long code in notepad then save that as   eg.  whatever.shtml

It must be .shtml!

Step 3: Have Fun

Enjoy your offline vid watching!



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    Hi there !

    Want to download your favorite youtube videos ? Checkout this video. The method explained works pretty fast and just requires you to type in 'ss'. (No softwares)

    you can download youtube videos without software link-

    Try thils...

    Although I have used the embedding method that you suggest, one must have access to the internet to view the video; also if the author has removed the video, you're out of luck.

    If I see a video that I really want to keep, I use 'A-tube' to download it & save it in whatever format I may want; it is a free program that also has a video converter & screen catcher. To get it, just google 'a-tube'. It definitely is free so don't fall for the ones who are selling it.
    I downloaded it from Cnet.

    Like so many free programs, it also has a toolbar that comes with it if you don't remove the checkmark from "Install toolbar" or words to that effect.

    Be prepared that your antivirus may warn you about spyware & all the scare tactics, but I have been using it since it came out a few years ago without any problems.

    can you please show a picture of the red arrow i am collor blind and i can't find what you're talking about but your method of dowloading video has defenietly caught my interest

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    forget the arrow --look for those options ..............................

    Theres a firefox addon that lets you click a button when you watch a video on any website and will give you a dl link for it in a variety of different formats.

    I've got 2 halfs of a brain and my other half thinks this is way to much work.
    open browser, go to you tube, copy link, open notepad, paste link, save as web page, open browser again.
    Just use firefox and 1 of the many download extensions. View the video in the browser and if you like it, download it.

    this isn't offline; it doesn't download the video, you're only taking the embed, and making a webpage out of it. To actually download it, you need to go to a website like, and enter the video url.

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    Thanks for the tip, I like your way of downloading vids. Works great.