Introduction: How to 'download' Videos Off Youtube Without Using Software

My first instructable...

Ok. In this instructable you'll be told how to 'download' videos off youtube without out using pesky software...

Step 1:

Ok... So to do this you need

1) Half a brain
2) Knowledge of where to find (yes, I have seen people that don't know where to find this)

Step 2: The 'Downloading'

In the big picture below can you see the red arrow. See how above the red arrow are the options for subscribe and other stuff... Where it says 'embed' and then gives you a long code, copy that really long code,

goto notepad           start>all programs>accessories

paste the long code in notepad then save that as   eg.  whatever.shtml

It must be .shtml!

Step 3: Have Fun

Enjoy your offline vid watching!