How to Download Youtube Videos


Introduction: How to Download Youtube Videos

Learn how convert youtube videos. Have them as your own, play with them in the editor without having to download a virus.

Step 1: Go to Clip Converter .cc

Here is the link

Go to Clip

Step 2: Youtube

Copy your youtube URL

Step 3: Paste

Paste your youtube URL here and click Continue.

Step 4: And Then...

Click MP4.. Then click START

Step 5: Convert

Once you click START It will convert

Step 6: Download

Download the file into your computer

Step 7: Done

Your Conversion is complete.



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7 Discussions

I am an anime and American dramas fan. Video
Grabber helps me download YouTube videos so that I can appreciate my favorite
anime anywhere and anytime. This is a simple and convenient website. All I have
done is copying and pasting URL. Besides downloading videos you need, you can
use the website to convert videos into different formats you would like to have.
I think the website is worth-trying and practical for amateurs who like anime
and American dramas.

Allavsoft is just the best YouTube Video Downloader and Playlist Downloader for Mac or Windows you are gonna need.

With Allavsoft you can download YouTube video, music, YouTube playlist with no efforts and
save the
downloaded output files to many formats MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMA, AAC, MKV.

Step by step guide at

1 reply

Why MP4? I converted to AVI without problem.

Thanks for sharing this, is very useful.