Step 4: Import

now find the mpg4 file (it should be on your desktop) go to itunes and import it it is compatible with ipods
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I did what you instructed and I did get the video! However I could not get the sound. Do u have any ideas what I did wrong? Let know. Thanks, ra
is it like that all the time, that was once i did not get a video at all. you might want to try firefox's download helper add-on.
I used Google chrome. It worked fine and dandy.
that happened to me to the first time except the sound wasnt timed right idk try downloading the video again i guess check your sound options
never mind i thought this was for a psp
i could probably work for the psp too if the psp supports mpg4
i was about to make a instructable about that but i found yours.
Well, it does work. L
great tool

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