How to drastically speed up yout PC, and maintain that speed for the life of the system.

Step 6: Tweak time!

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 Step 6:
   Time to tweak your system for optimal performance. Here is a link to Winrar, I have both 32 bit and 64 bit on my dropbox which are all in the links provided at the bottom of the page. Whichever you need, download and install it, then download and extract all of the files I have compressed in the archive named Windows Tools.rar.

Now that you have all the files extracted install ChromeSetup.exe, which is your new browser Google Chrome. Also you will want to run dxwebsetup.exe witch will update and install the latest direct x runtime for you video. Next run Half Open Limit Fix.exe That will help boost your networks performance. You should set it to a number around 150. Once that is done install your codecs so you can watch movies on windows media player as well as many other things, Your codecs are K-Lite Codec Pack.exe. Next run install_flash_player.exe for your web browser. If there is anything else in there you want to install you may.

OK! Now it is time for you to open the folder labeled Wndows Context Menu Registry Tweaks.
All of these are optional and just increase productivity by adding quick links to apps and settings via the right click menu. Personally I use Change Sound, Folder Options, Programs and Features, Registry Editor, Run, Task Manager, change hover time, My Computer Context Menu, Take Ownership, Window Switcher, Windows 7 Registry Tweaks, and Windows Vista Desktop Context Menu. 

All you have to do is double click them and they will be entered into your registry and when you right click on the desktop, and on My Computer you will notice them.

Winrar 32-bit

Winrar 64-bit

Windows Tools