Picture of How to draw: A cartoon bunny
I decided to draw a cartoon bunny because Easter is coming up soon and I though it would be a nice idea to try.
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Step 1: Part one: The face

Picture of Part one: The face
2012-02-23 21.36.14.jpg
2012-02-23 21.37.49.jpg
2012-02-23 21.43.19.jpg
1st:  Start out drawing the eyes. All you have to do is draw two ovals one inside the other then draw two more ovals beside the other           but a bit smaller.

2nd: The cheeks. Make sure both sides of the cheeks don't join together, but do touch the bottom of each eye.

3rd: The nose part. Start with drawing the black circle that goes between the cheeks joining them together. Then put a circled line above the black dot, touching both eyes. Almost done the nose part, just add two circles under the black dot but make sure one is larger then the other. Lastly for the nose just add a mouth, under the two bottom circles.

4th: The head and ears.  After drawing the nose part you will need to now finish the head by drawing a circle that connects the right eye to the left cheek. When this step is done add your own cute ears to the top of the bunnies head.


Step 2: Part two: the body

Picture of Part two: the body
2012-02-23 21.44.31.jpg
2012-02-23 21.45.22.jpg
2012-02-23 21.45.58.jpg
2012-02-23 21.50.38.jpg
1st: You will need to draw a circle under the face. 

2nd: Draw a small paw coming out of the side of the bottom circle.

3rd: Now draw the second arm coming from around the neck part but still touch the bottom circle.

4th: Draw another circle under the other circle but make this one a bit bigger and more to the right side. This will give the bunny a bum.

5th: The legs and paws. Only on the left side draw the bunny a leg and a paw, and on the right side draw only a paw. This will make the bunny appear to be facing one side more then the other.
Keiah made it!9 days ago

I made it✔️

SpartachVIII8 months ago
can't get the foot to look good...But good job on urs
cecidemaestri11 months ago
the mine is ugly :(
I love that!
nice drawing kepp up the good work Rachael ;)
coloured bubbles (author)  Reed_Sky_Born3 years ago
Thx u