Introduction: How to Draw Baymax

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Learn how to draw Baymax!

Step 1: Drawing the Body of Baymax: Everything's Oval!

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First start off by drawing Baymax's head which is a sideways oval. Then you will make his body which is a large oval going in a bit in the middle of both sides. His arms are like an oval (sort of) with fingers and draw his legs oval-ish.

Note: I always find it easier to draw very lightly and when I am happy with my drawing I then darken it. That way when you go over a line you can always erase it and it won't leave any marks!

Step 2: Adding the Details (Yay!)

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Now that you finished the body we can start on the details! I started from head to foot so it's easier. I added his eyes first, it's just two dots and a line connecting them. I then did his 'heart' the place where he keeps his chips (not the food type). A circle with a line, I added a close up photo of it. Below his 'heart' is two side patches on his body beside his arms. There are patches on his arms and legs as well. Next I did the fingers, I cannot really explain how to draw it so you can just click on the picture and copy it =D After I finished all the details I shaded the patches because I saw that they were a bit darker than the rest of his body.

Step 3: Finished Baymax! (Hurray!)

Picture of Finished Baymax! (Hurray!)

And now you have finished your Baymax! You can sign your name on it, hang it on your wall or show it off to your friends! I hope you found this helpful :)


N-CountryFace (author)2015-04-09

Hello,Your draw is can use small black marker use for's will perfect draw.but your draw is i like it.!

Yes, I usually use a small marker for the outline but I forgot to. Thank you!

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