This is a random cartoonish doodle of a praying mantis.

Step 1: The Head and Eyes

A mantis usually has a large head and eyes to help it find its food. When drawing this mantis, make the head and eyes larger.

Step 2: Neck and Arms

Draw the neck and arms of the mantis.

Step 3: Draw in the Body and Legs

Draw the body and legs of the mantis.

Step 4: Finished!

Now you can outline the mantis!
thanks! i haven't made any other drawing instructables.
This is really cool! Not to be annoying or anything, but to be a bit more true to life, Gary should have another set of legs. You are a great drawer! Have you made any other drawing instructables? I give this one 5 stars!!!!<br />
How about Phil the Praying Mantis? or Barbara?<br />
lol, gary just sounded nice, so i used it. anyway, iwas thinking about spongebob XD

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