Introduction: How to Draw Miss La Sen Walking

Miss La Sen is funny and nice fictional character in the game, comic book and cartoon clips...

Step 1:

Draw an oval for her head. Add 2 ears. Draw her eyes, eyeslids, eyesbrows, eyelashes, nose, 2 cheeks, mouth and tongue.

Step 2: Draw Her Headband and the Flower on Her Right Ears.

Step 3: Draw Her Dot Bow on the Headband.

Step 4: Draw Her Dress.

Step 5: Draw Her Left Leg.

Step 6: Draw Her Right Leg.

Step 7: Add Her Left Shoe.

Step 8: Add Her Right Shoe.

Step 9: Draw the Right Arm.

Step 10: Adjust 4 Right Fingers.

Step 11: Draw the Left Arm.

Step 12: Adjust 4 Left Fingers.

Step 13: Miss La Sen Walking Drawing.

Step 14: Color in This Drawing.


aartcritique (author)2015-06-28

So, uhm, who is this miss la sen character? I've never heard of her before.

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