Picture of How to draw Sticky!!!
In this instructable you'll learn how to draw Sticky, a funny character I draw.
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Step 1: Drawing the mis-shaped head!!!

Picture of Drawing the mis-shaped head!!!
What you do is draw a line and then from that you draw a circle. Its ok if its sloppy and messy.

Step 2: Drawing his mop-top hair!!!!!

Picture of Drawing his mop-top hair!!!!!
pic 4.bmp
Draw a short line inside the head. It should be a small amount away from were it starts to curve. Once your done that draw jagged lines from line to line.

Step 3: Drawing his face!!!!

Picture of Drawing his face!!!!
pic 6.bmp
pic 7.bmp
pic 9.bmp
pic 8.bmp
For the eyes just draw 2 small dots far from the middle of the face. For the mouth there are 2 versions. 1 is a normal smile. 2 is a closed U shape with an up-side-down U shape for a tongue.

Step 4: Draw the body!!!!!

Picture of Draw the body!!!!!
The body is pretty much a rectangle with little stubs coming out of it.

Step 5: Color it!!!!!

Picture of Color it!!!!!
Normally he has brown hair, white skin and a red shirt. He doesn't have pants. You can color him anyway you want but thats how I color him.

Step 6: Your done!!!!

Picture of Your done!!!!
Thanks for reading my 1st instructable and putting up with my paint pictures. I'm going to try to put up a new instructable called "How to draw Pengu!!!" soon so keep looking! Oh yeah he's a penguin!!! Make sure to rate this instructable and comment on it PPLLEEAASSEE!!!!