How to Draw TROGDOR the BURNINATOR From Strongbad! :-)





Introduction: How to Draw TROGDOR the BURNINATOR From Strongbad! :-)

In this instructable, I will show you how to draw Trogdor... the BURNINATOR!

Trogdor was created from :-)

I hope you like it, if you do, please rate if you want.

Thanks for looking!

Step 1: The Eyes and Mouth.

Ok, first off is the nose. You will have to draw a V shaped thing, and two dots go around it.
For the nose, you draw a straight line directly under the eyes, and on the right part of the line, you will make a tiny slanted hill.
Then, you start going down, then curve to the right and stop about 3/4 of an inch in.
If you did not understand any of that, just follow the pictures.

The picture below is what the 1st step will give you. When you do that, go onto the next step.

Step 2: The Chin and the Body and Stuff.

This step is really easy, but just try not to make Trogdor look fat.
Do a small slanted curve from the mouth line, and then when you get even with the nose line, go down about 1 centimeter. Then, make the body. It's pretty easy, just look at the picture.
When you finish the mouth part, you can add in the teeth.
Stop when you get to the tail.

Note: DO NOT MAKE THE BODY AS FAT. I messed up... just don't make it that fat. Or you will pay a toll of 50¢. Hahaha just kidding.. but don't make it that fat.

Step 3: The Tail, and the Rest of the Body.

Now, go to where I told you to stop at the tail, and curve up (look at the pictures if you want to know how) and stop when you get back to the starting line, the one under the eyes. Also, when you finish up at the line, add in the scales in the body.

Look at the pictures, it's very easy.

Step 4: The Wings and the Arm.

The wings are very easy, but the arm is in the middle of hard and easy. It's medium, because you can mess up and make it too big. I don't really know how to give you instructions for this part, because the pictures are basically the instructions.

This part is pretty easy, so no worries. :-)

Note: Add in the lines and the little claws on the wings. Also, add in the lines on the arm. (If you don't know what I mean, look at the picture.)

Step 5: The Finishing Touches.

In this step, you will draw the fire, the smoke coming out of his nose, and his legs.
1st we will do the legs. Just draw two L's under his body. (look at picture for more help)
2nd, doing the fire. Just make flames... it's very simple. (look at picture for more help)
3rd, is the smoke coming out of his nose. Just make a whole bunch of swirls... (look at picture for more help)

Then, move onto the next step.

Step 6: Now, the BEST PART.

Here.... this step, is where you add in the title. This is the hardest part ever, and your pencil/ pen might blow up, so be careful.

On the side, or anywhere, add in the words "TROGDOR the BURNINATOR".

Then, you're done! :-)

Thanks for looking at my instructable, I hope you liked it!

P.S. It shouldn't come out like the 1st picture below, it should look like the 2nd picture below.



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Ha ha I draw Trogdor constantly because it is SOOO easy good job

TROGDOOOR!! TROGDOOOR! Trogdor was a man....

He was a dragon man....

Maybe he was just a dragon....

But he was still



Trogdor was a man, I mean he was a dragon man

Maybe he was just a dragon

hi, you draw it pretty well. but i think it needs some work....

I really dont understand why an instructable on trogdor is necessary. i mean it's right in the video!

know teach us how to draw a thatched roof cottages lol

And Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIGHT!!! Ahaha, great job.