How to Draw a Basic Chibi





Introduction: How to Draw a Basic Chibi

I will show you how to draw a basic anime chibi!

Step 1: Gather Materials

you'll need:

1 pen/pencil

1 or how many pieces of paper you want



Step 2: Sketch the Chibi Base

First think of the character you want to draw. Then sketch the base of the character out on the piece or pieces of paper!

Step 3: Add Detail

your character needs a look and some features! And clothes! Draw some on, and don't forget the hair and the eyes and fingers! Fingers are optional and so is a nose and toes, and ears!

Step 4: Clean the Sketch

make sure to erase the extra markings of the sketch! Don't erase the sketch!

Step 5: Ink It!

get a pen or an ink pen and draw over it, to make it a line art. Darken it and the erase some left behind unwanted pencil sketches.

Step 6: Color It!

your character needs some color or it would be lifeless! Color it however you what, it's optional is you want it black and white or as a line art.

Step 7: Admire Your Work!

look at what you've done and be proud! You deserve an award! Hope you liked these instructions!



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