Picture of How to draw a circle with string
If you need to draw a circle, and don't have a compass on you, this method will work well. It is really simple, and you are not limited to a certain size circle, just the length of your string!
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
This one is easy. All you need is a length of string, a pencil, something to anchor the string (pin, nail, etc.), and whatever you are drawing on.

Step 2: Draw

Picture of Draw
Anchor one end of the string in the drawing surface. This could mean pressing a pen point down into paper or tying a string around a nail. Then tie a pencil, pen, crayon, or any other writing utensil at the other end of the string. The length of string will be the radius of the circle. Then, while pulling the pencil tight on the string, draw a circle. If the string was kept taught, the circle should come out perfectly.
Peter3D7 years ago
There's a contribution in the make on 'How to draw a line'. I'm still working on it. . .
radiorental9 years ago
you could also use a drawing pin instead of a nail wonder why they called it that?? ponders.
oh, and another free tip while I'm being a sanctimonios smartarse is that you wont drawn a pefect cicle holding the pencil like that. Oh no! The woodworkers pencil should be parallel with the radial arm (string) and it should be held with the fingers too.
I find it funny how many things we found wrong with such a simple instructable!
bug: I need a spell checker
santimonioUs & drawn == draw
Try this ;) It checks all incoming keystrokes and offers suggestions...


My spelling has improved 10000% with this little tool -- well, it kinda makes me fix mistakes before I get too far.
zachninme8 years ago
Actually, this probably won't make a circle, unless you allow the pencil to be able to spin in the loop. Otherwise, as it went around, it would wind up the string, makeing it spiral inward.
austin9 years ago
well this seems kinda obvious .