In this instructable I will tell you step by step how to draw a face.This might sound hard but when you break it into tiny little steps it is pretty easy.

Step 1: Matierials

you will need a pencil paper and your hands. you will also need patience. 
Is this golem?
My Mother had an MA in Fine Art. Here is some of what she told me on the subject of portraiture. First, the eyes are set exactly halfway between the chin and crown of the head. Second, there is a space between the eyes that is the length of one eye. Third, the nostrils are halfway between the eyeline and the chin, and the mouth is halfway between the nostrils and the chin. The feet are exactly as long as the head. The hands are the length of the face, chin to brow. 8>)
thanks. I have realized this instructable sucks so i shall edit it.
That's him! That's the guy from the flying saucer who abducted me last month!<br> <br> In real life he's green of course, but that's definitely him. He flew me to Saturn and performed all sorts of perverse, but somehow strangely exciting, alien probings before bringing me back.<br> <br> It's such a relief to find someone who understands what I've been through.

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