Picture of How to draw a fox
Fits you have to get your supplies,wich includes a pencial, paper and an eraser.
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Step 1:

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now you have to draw the first part of the head. just like this.

Step 2:

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now add the rest of the head and the chest.

Step 3:

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now add a nose, ear and where the white spot on his chest is.

Step 4:

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now ad the eye and wiskers and the dotts where the wiskers come from.

Step 5:

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now you are ready to insert the hairs, now this is the hard part animals hair growes in diffrent directions.

Step 6:

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now fix any thig that looks unsual.

Step 7:

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now time for shading. on the opisite side of the lighting on the fox should be the dark part of the shading. on the side closet to the light sorce it should be lighter than the wole fox.

Step 8:

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now just sighn it date it and make sure it looks good and show it to the world.