Do you like drawing? If you do this is the perfect instructable for you! Lets START!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1) Pencil

2) Paper

Step 2: How to Make

1)First make a curvy line

2) Then connect it

3) Draw half of a circle for the head

4)Make bumps for the hair (any size)

5) Make any face you want

Step 3: Conclusion

Did you have fun making this face? well if you did share it with a friend! Have an awesome day!

Made by, dragon80-2

Step 4:

<p>i made it</p>
<p> .I just made a insructable its called, how to make a funny face </p>
<p>YEAH that's right </p>
<p>We did amazing job Lexie </p><p>from Chloe </p>
<p> I love it Bff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1</p>

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