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I hope you liked some of my past instructables. Today, I will be showing you how to draw a simple human's face. If you are an artist who is just learning how to draw and I would like to further their skills, then you might find this how to very useful. I will be focusing on the different anatomical parts of the human face including the eyes, nose, lips and facial structure.

Step 1:

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In this particular how to, we will be drawing a female's face. If you look at a female face, it is usually more round than that of a male face. With your pencil, draw your basic outline of a female's face.

Step 2:

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Next, draw in the eye shapes.

Step 3:

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Draw the outline of the irises inside of the eyes in this step.

Step 4:

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We will save the eye details for last. Next, start drawing in your character's nose. 

Step 5:

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Now for the mouth. You can draw her smiling if you want :).

Step 6:

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Next, you will draw in the eye lids as well as the eye brows. 

Step 7:

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Finally, on to the eye details. Fill in the irises with pupils. Also, noticed I drew some fine lines underneath the eyes. We're almost finished!

Step 8:

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This isn't really necessary but I decided to add this step in anyway. You can choose to draw in the neck and the ears if you'd like. Other than this optional step, that is all! You have a human face. Although this tutorial is a pretty simple one, it is a blend between realism and cartoony


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salut!,Thanks buddie wonderful Instructable

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