Picture of How to draw a human skull
In this Instructable I will take you through the steps I use to draw a human skull.

You don't have to be a great illustrator to do this. I've taught friends how to draw this and I will break it down into small steps.
So grab some paper and something to draw with and lets get started.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need paper, a pencil (I like a mechanical pencil), an eraser, and an ink pen. Start with the pencil and don't worry about being perfect. Create a rough drawing first and then fine tune it. When your happy with it use the ink pen to finish it.

Step 2: Outline

Picture of Outline
Draw a rough oval.

Step 3: Divide in halves

Picture of Divide in halves
Now draw a vertical line down the center and a horizontal line across the middle. The horizontal line is where the eyes will go and the vertical line is the center of the face. Then draw another horizontal line about half way between the bottom of the oval and the horizontal center line. This is tip of the nose.

Step 4: Eye sockets and nasal cavity

Picture of Eye sockets and nasal cavity
Now draw in the eye sockets. Make them pretty big and remember you can always erase and fine tune later. Then add in the nasal cavity a bit above the horizontal line you drew for the nose. The tip of your nose is made of cartilage so the nasal cavity in the skull is a bit higher up than then tip of you nose.

Step 5: Start of cheek bones

Picture of Start of cheek bones
Draw a curve line on either side of the eye sockets. Have it touch the outside of the oval at the bottom but not at the top. This is the outer edge of the eye socket and this is where the jaw muscles attach to the side of the skull.

Step 6: Cheek bones

Picture of Cheek bones
Starting at the bottom of the curves you added in the last step, draw the cheek bones. The curve down and then back up ending near the nose.
webman38022 years ago
Nice. He looks like a front view of Murray, the mighty demonic skull from the Monkey Island video game series.