Picture of How to draw: a pocket watch
I always have enjoyed the old fashion look of pocket watches and decided to try and draw one and this is how well it turned out. 
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Step 1: Part one: The Outside lines

Picture of Part one: The Outside lines
2012-02-22 19.09.16.jpg
2012-02-22 19.14.50.jpg
1st:   On a blank piece of paper draw either a small or large circle, Then draw a smaller almost outlining the first circle.
2nd:  After drawing the circles draw two  different pieces on the top and on the bottom of the inside circle.
3rd:   On the piece at the top draw a jellybean shaped oval and another one on that one.
4th:   On the middle piece at the top draw a hock coming out of both sides and join them at the top. 

Step 2: Part two: The inside clock faces

Picture of Part two: The inside clock faces
2012-02-22 19.24.10.jpg
2012-02-22 19.24.16.jpg
After drawing all the outside pieces its time to add the clock face. In my draw i have to different clock faces. The inside face being normal numbering and the outside being roman numerals.

Step 3: Finishing touches

Picture of Finishing touches
After finishing the pocket watch i decided to bring it more to life my shading the watch in. 
I also added the chain in for more detail.

This is my drawing of a pocket watch!

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