Introduction: How to Draw a Star Flower

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This star flower is not hard at all on a scale 1 - 10 i would say a 3.

Step 1: The Center

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Draw a circle in the center of the page.

Step 2: Adding the Pedals

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Draw pointy pedals on the top and bottom of the circle.

Step 3: Adding MORE Pedals.

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In this step you will be adding the left and right pedals. (on the right and left side of the circle.)

Step 4: Adding the Leaves

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Add box type leaves in the middle of two pedals.

Step 5: Adding the Finnal Touches

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Finally, Add some color.


piggy5661 (author)2011-08-01

i tryed to draw it, it turned out horriable!

lozzylulu (author)2010-12-21

I tryed to draw it and it went good and will you be my friend?

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