How to Draw a Tropical Beach on Deviant Art Muro




Introduction: How to Draw a Tropical Beach on Deviant Art Muro

This Instructable is on how to draw a tropical beach in Deviant Art. I hope you find this helpful!

Step 1: Let's Start With the Sand! (Step 1)

Start by using the regular brush and making the beach any size you want.

Step 2: Add the Water! (Step 2)

Using the same tool, but maybe a different size, add the ocean with a single wave. Make sure to make it have some green to make it look tropical.

Step 3: Greens!! (Step 2)

Don't forget to add the plants/wildlife. I chose the tool "Paper worm" for the leaves.

Step 4: Sun and Decor (Step 4/ Final Step)

For the final step, add the sun and other beach-like things, I chose an umbrella. For the sun's rays, I used the nightmare tool on fairly low intensity. 



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