Step 4: Fill in the Pupil

Use your dark 6B or 8B to fill it in. You want it as close to black as possible.
<p>it is okay</p>
I have been drawing for most of my life, but sometimes I found drawing the eyes a little bit hard. I mean, knew the concept. Thank-you for this wonder full I nstuction thingy!?
<p>For a 12 yar old i think i did pretty well.</p>
First try I can't do eyelashes I tried like 5 times and this is the best one so far but thank you it was very easy to follow and go along with.
<p>Nice, check out - http://www.howtodrawaneye.org/how-to-draw-an-eye-with-pencil-step-by-step/</p>
<p>This is my first try.... I guess not too bad ? Great and easy to follow, thx</p>
<p>This was so easy to follow! :D</p>
<p>this tutorial was so easy to follow thx :D</p>
<p>Here is my first attempt! Don't know why it gets uploaded upside-down.</p>
<p>Thankyou! It was really easy to follow and understand, and I'm grateful that I know how to draw eyes like this now. I may need a little help on the eyelashes though</p>
<p>Thankyou! The tutorial was very god and easy to follow!</p><p>My drawing isn't that good, but I had a go anyway.</p>
<p>Yeah thank you so much ! These steps were so easy to understand! İ did really good on everythıng exept the eyelashes.Can you do a seperate tutorıal on that</p><p>ı </p>
Thank you for this i actually can follow this. I suck at eyelashes but other than that I think I did ok for having never really drawn them before.
<p>i did way better than you freaks </p>
<p>mines a little lighter than the original. I also tried to make reflections of the lashes in the glare on the eye.</p>
You can see the parts where I messed up, but otherwise I think I did okay
<p>I just had a hard time with the eyelashes...</p>
<p>Mine is not better what so ever</p>
It could have been better, but neah.. it s my first sketch like this :-??
<p>I learned to draw following an excellent guide I found <a href="http://learn-to-draw1.weebly.com/" rel="nofollow">HERE</a></p>
<p>I think it turned out okay. I did my best to make it look like the one in the tutorial.</p><p>Thanks for the help.</p>
<p>thought it turned out okay. just average:/</p>
Please don't watch the eye brow<br>
Not as good, but tried.<br>Thanks for help
Mine turned out quite good
First try :)
Turned out okay lol
<p>Great tutorial, I see many others were able to learn from it. We can't <br>draw eyes but we can definitely fix them. Check out our services and <br>resources on our <a href="http://www.OCCLASIK.ca" rel="nofollow">website</a>.</p>
<p>lol it looks halfway good</p>
Hehehe ? i cant draw
I can't draw 'hahaha :'(
Neither can i. At least your lashes look like lashes! Mine look like sticks
<p>first try</p><p>i think did pretty good</p>
I screwed this up I think. But hey! Second and third time's the charm!
<p>ehhhhh i think i did ok...</p>
<p>I kinda made it// it sucks balls//</p>
<p>First try i think i did a pretty good job but idk. This site was very helpful!</p>
First try not that bad ?

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