Step 4: Fill in the Pupil

Use your dark 6B or 8B to fill it in. You want it as close to black as possible.
<p>ehhhhh i think i did ok...</p>
<p>I kinda made it// it sucks balls//</p>
<p>First try i think i did a pretty good job but idk. This site was very helpful!</p>
First try not that bad ?
<p>I think I did a pretty good job :D</p>
<p>First try, think I did a pretty good job</p>
<p>i mean i guessmine turned out ok?</p>
First try turned out OK?
Good instructions!! I can't draw but this picture turned out alright
<p> I made it but it didn't go well... At least I tried :)</p>
<p>I learned to draw following an excellent guide I found <a href="http://learn-to-draw1.weebly.com/" rel="nofollow">HERE</a>.</p>
I dont think mine is very good, but it turned out better than I expected. Thank you for the great tutorial! :)
Thank you so much this tutorial! XD im extremely proud of this
That is really good!
<p>that it the best eye I ever seen☺</p>
<p>It turned out nice! Thanks!</p>
That looks amazing!!
Turned out better than I expected. Great tutorial!!
First try not bad ?
Think i did pretty good
<p>this is my first eye ever I and I think I did a really awesome job drawing it. I do need to work on my eyelashes though. Thank you for the instructions they where really good help.</p>
<p>First try! I will try and get it eventually - hopefully it will work out at least good or average at some point! Good luck to everyone else ^*^</p>
I think I did pretty good but I definitely need to work on the eyelashes ?
I think i did okay for the first time tbh<br>
<p>i did a good job i think</p>
<p>The pupil is really good good job</p>
<p>Thank you tutorial not only do I know how to draw an eye but my outcome came out to be really good</p>
eye #1 :))
Not perfect lol
Mine wasnt perfect but pretty good for first try
Not perfect for a marker but gray for practice I think I'll get better
First attempt
This is my first try! I need to work on the eyelashes, but I'm pretty proud! Next year will be my first year of art and I am learning how to draw different things. This is a really good tutorial! And yes, I know the eyelashes suck, but I am practicing!!
<p>I learned to draw following an excellent guide I found <a href="http://learn-to-draw1.weebly.com" rel="nofollow">HERE</a>.</p>
<p>Super Instructible-Thanks! Here's my first eye ever?</p>
<p>first eye ever. </p>
Thanks for the tutorial, really enjoyed
This is such a great tutorial! First drawn eye ever!
Such a great tutorial probably one of the best and easiest :)
Lol forgot to put a photo
<p>Thank you mate.It's absolutley magnificent. I'd translated your lessons and shared it if you don't mind...</p>
Hi, great tutorial. My first drawing of an eye. Good comments.
<p>Thanks! First drawing ever</p>
I feel like a champion
<p>pretty much first time trying to draw :)</p>
<p>use a sharpie to do the pupil </p>

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