Step 4: Fill in the Pupil

Use your dark 6B or 8B to fill it in. You want it as close to black as possible.
The eye
First time drawing and kinda tweaked it in a style my friend drew once.
These instructions were pretty easy, and I have to say, I think my eye turned out pretty well. (I only did the first 13 steps and only used a 2HB mechanical pencil.)
I usually suck at drawing and I tried this tutorial once and it turned out to be my best drawing ever
My 1st try, still need to keep practicing but pretty good!
My 1st try, still need to keep practicing but pretty good!
Great instructions! It's my 1st time trying and I did it :)!
<p>Thank you for making this guide. I'm making a project for school, and this is exactly what I needed to help me out. Eyes and hands. They are the bane of my life.</p>
<p>Thanks! This is the first thing I've drawn in at least ten years. I didn't follow your complete instructions, just the images at the top.</p>
I'm a beginner, but I tried my best. Shading is not easy for me either. Thanks for the great tutorial!
<p>Awesome your totally a Fast learner </p>
<p>OMFG it was so easy to make THX U SO MACH LEIK THXXXX</p><p>&lt;3 (heart lol)</p>
<p>Wow your tutorial helped so much!!!! so happy i found it :) you made it simple yet it still ends up great!!! I will definitely be looking out for more of your tutorials!</p><p>(although i didn't have an eraser so i screwed my eye up from the beginning, i kept going and one step at a time it actually ended up looking not too bad o_o)</p><p>thank you &hearts; &hearts; &hearts;</p>
It worked great! And I only used a plain number 2 pencil!
<p>Wow, I'm really surprised how well this went! This is my first time trying it, and I really didn't think it was going to look good, but with the shading, and light change, it really looks good! Awesome tutorial!</p>
Nice tutorial though i need practice.
<p>i did great thanks for the help</p>
Here's mines, thanks!
<p>I made it!!!! It had an amazing result</p>
<p>I tried :D</p>
<p>I tried,i t's not amazing but it's better then a cartoon eye. :D</p>
:D i did preety good,exept to many lashes
<p>well i tried kindov a fail </p>
i did horrible! I'm better at anime.
i did it
Wow u r awesome @ drawing!!
The eyes are staring at me!
Your drawing is amazing!
Nice Instructable but my eye failed :P
i love this pic and it s really easy to draw if you follow your step because i just sat here for 10 min and drew this it looks exactly like yours!!!!!!!!! :D
I always like to draw eyes. Now i can draw eyes that look like eyes ! Your instructions were very simple and helped me so much. Thank you!
It's called the water line :)<br>
I think it could use more work, or updated because I see you said you did this when you were twelve in the comments. I'd like to see how much you improved :) When I was twelve I couldn't even draw a heart or square right, I really got into drawing just last year when I was 14 (I'm going to be 16 next month) this is still good for the age when you made it :)
Thanks :) I'm working on an updated version of this today, so it will be up soon.
And Now it is updated
Very helpful! Any tips on noses? They are the most difficult feature to draw in my opinion.
Noses are very hard! I will probably make a tutorial on noses soon. One things to remember is values. Value is the relaive lightness or darkness of a color or of black. In the eye the pupil is the darkest value, so try and make that as dark as you possibly can! But parts of the highlight are the lightest value. In noses it is important to compare the shades of darkness throughout the nose, and be very precise when shading noses, because noses are a part of the face that has the most contrast in values and shadows because of it's shape. So try and really show the lightest value in white, and the darkest value in black. These tips may sound really complicated, so I'll try and make an easier tutorial on noses soon!

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