How to Draw an Oval With Abandoned Drawer Knobs





Introduction: How to Draw an Oval With Abandoned Drawer Knobs

All things that you need:
(1)the blue tacks
(2)A4 papers (one clean and one recycled)
(3)thread( I use dental floss here.)
(4)two abandoned knobs

If you are clever enough, you don't need to view the following steps. You understand immediately : )

Please view the video at when it is not shown.

Step 1: Get the Abandoned Drawer Knobs From the Gabages

Keep the screws if you can find them.

Step 2: Mark Two Centers of the Oval on the Back of Your Paper

(2.1)Fold the recycle paper into 8 columns and 2 rolls and pick two points to be the centers of the oval.

(2.2)Transfer the marks to the back of a clean paper.

(2.3) Put the blue tacks at the centers and 4 corners of the paper

(2.4) Stick the paper to your table

Step 3: Stick the Drawer Knobs to the Front of the Paper

Step 4: Make a Circle With Your Thread

Adjust the thread to fit the height and width of the paper.

Step 5: Now, You Can Draw!



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It's not complicated. But it is every good idea. I like it very much.

: ) Yes. The knobs are the focal points apart from the center points. If I try to improve the design, I would make a straight line with the dental floss instead of a circle. Then, I am more flexible to adjust the curve of the circle with the same width.

Just learned about this. Knobs are the Foci and the two strings (a&b) form the differential "c" distance from the origin. Lol.

Cool! You know, if you shorten the string and just use one if the knobs, you can draw a perfect circle too.

This is a really neat idea! I'm glad you share this. Thank you!

: ) My pleasure

Quite nifty! I taught this method to my woodwork students to make oval wooden boards. All they could think of to use it for was to make WC-signs! :-/

We can make a toilet seat cover as well! : )

Kodel1303, I saw your wood plane as profile picture. You must be a good wood work teacher. Please show us more...

You have done it wrong. An oval can fit perfect inside a rectangle, so you should draw first the crossed length and width from the center, and this is will show you the length and width of the oval. After that you can use your method.

aheibi, it is not wrong. I am sure you can have the rectangle in your heart before you draw.