Picture of How to draw anime
This is my way to draw anime.

I am only going to shew you how to draw one character but using some of my techniques you should be able to make as much as you want.

Step 1: Step 1:

Picture of Step 1:
Draw a cube with the ratios about 1 high and 3/4 wide.

You can change this depending on your character
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sgabrielson2 years ago
I like the box technique never seen that before great for beginners :D
60965 sgabrielson7 months ago

it looks pretty hard. Iam not really a good drawer so i might try it.

That kinda looks like ange (can't spell ange)
thelp4 years ago
The whole thing with the box can be taken out entirely.
this looked diffaclet at the start , but hey i keep trying and its geting better!!!!!
This is rather convoluted for something you can usually freehand really easily...
aznpudding6 years ago
interesting technique, but it seems a bit over complicated with all the boxes and x's and lines
jwlyon15 years ago
I like that box construction method, haven't seen that before. Thanks.
Mine sucked.
But i suck ath drawing
Do you have to be good ath this ore can you practice like whith almost all else?
My first anime drawing wasn't all that good either. my second one improved significantly. just keep at it!
roxasbri6 years ago
eh, he got the jist of it great intructable!
turtleshane6 years ago
what about hair?
No offense, but your manga kinda stinks... Good instructable though for those who do not know how to draw!
Show us your manga then ;P
I think this is my best. I drew the drawing with pencil, but the coloring was done on a photo editing software. That was done by myself as well. You can see more of my drawings at DeviantART.com.
Legend of Zelda.jpg
Mm, sorry, but since your profile says that you are 14 and your name here is "PineapplebobTheGreat" I'm guessing that you're not remy. That drawing is by Remy on deviantart.
you're on dA?
thats pretty nice,i'm sketching something up right now, i'll post it so you can see mah style :P
here it is!
You're fantastic. I love LoZ.
Thanks. Good luck with your hunt for Kira. (lol, i dunno)
That is really good
Thanks. Took me a long time.
Wow that is actually very good. Good job. Just a Q what pencil do you use?
I use different types of pencils, mostly just a number 2. I did use a charcoal stick for the shading.
ANTQNUT6 years ago
Jupitane6 years ago
Not to be mean or anything but theres no point for all the boxes... just learm how to draw.... not trying to be mean or anything.
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Someone should make an instructable about drawing anime hands At least for me, the hands are the hardest part of drawing anime Also nice instructable.
I dunno about "anime" hands, but lookit here:

One of my favorite hand tutorials.
Ringo112336 years ago
no offense but that does not look much like anime maybe you can get insperation from my favorit anime Naruto. One more thing anime is the show version of manga mabye you should name your instuctable how to draw manga. bye from Ringo11233
jacumaru6 years ago
i want to know what program u made that character IT is pivot or not?
arrow shot7 years ago
i cant focus on 1 drawing for too long so i never use any advanced techniques....so, is this box technique suppose to make your drawing look 3-d ? i just do the face divider technique...simple and effective, good for short doodles
tudgeanator7 years ago
Sgtsaddle7 years ago
I think the box technique is necessary, if the drawer is of low skill. Excellent!!!
mangadragon7 years ago
I also think that the box step is a bit much, and the outline could be smoothed out a bit, but overall, this is quite nice.
EnigmaMax7 years ago
the box-like technique at the beginning isn't necessary at all...
True, not really necessary, but it does say "my way to draw anime".
MoreSo7 years ago
I liked it a lot, and it introduced me to a great way of drawing that I could only admire before. Now I can draw it.

But I was just wondering if you had taken your images from http://q.webring.com/hub?ring=drawanime or if they had taken these images from you? I'm just curious.

Thanks anyway! .
Doctor What7 years ago
Looks like Aang.
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