Picture of How to Draw Anything

Hi there! So you would like to draw. Have you ever wanted to draw something and
wished there were an easier way? If you've ever thought the following- you're in the right place:

* you think you're past the age of learning
* you thihnk only talented people should attempt drawing
* you wish you could draw from your imagination or memory
* you would like to draw better but don't have the time or finances to attend art classes

Ttake a few minutes to read this instructable and view the movie clip and discover the secret of drawing anything!

Personally, I wished I had know all this sooner - during pre-school years - to give me a solid foundation in the arts.

Here's how you can draw anything. And it will only take a few minutes to reveal the simple secret. It only takes a minute for a everything to finally click.

I've tested this paradigm out on many classes of enthusiastic students and they are so surprised to discover how simple it is to draw anything and their increased confidence is immediate. In a few minutes you too, can draw and create 2D drawings. I guarantee it because I've seen it working for hundreds before you.

Drawing is the basis of all creative skills and there's so many benefits in having this skill (including DIY stress therapy!). So read on and see where it takes you.

This video shows step by step how to draw by numbers and can be used with Make a Van Gogh Paint By Numbers instructable.

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SyafiqA7 months ago

this is cool n simple... i like this moment

HEY, this is cool!
Scriptone (author)  Teensy Doodles4 years ago
Thanks.. yes! isn't it lovely and simple
weirdo625 years ago
lemonie5 years ago
You haven't drawn anything ? L
Scriptone (author)  lemonie5 years ago
The Christmas cartoon is mine : )
Ah, then you should make it clear that the Christmas cartoon is the finished product, and make a few references as to how you applied the method. (With so many images it's wasn't obvious that one was yours) L
Scriptone (author)  lemonie5 years ago