Step 3: Drawing a Cupcake

Say you wanted to draw this cupcake. Stare at it for quite awhile - and study the shapes before drawing it.

Once its broken down into shapes or letters in your mind then draw what you see.

I want to draw a gameboy color but I don't have one what do I do?
<p>this is cool n simple... i like this moment </p>
HEY, this is cool!<br /> LOOOVE&nbsp;THE&nbsp;CUPCAKE&nbsp;ONE<br />
Thanks.. yes! isn't it lovely and simple<br />
You haven't drawn anything ? L
The Christmas cartoon is mine : )
Ah, then you should make it clear that the Christmas cartoon is the finished product, and make a few references as to how you applied the method. (With so many images it's wasn't obvious that one was yours) L

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