Step 3:

Choose a style you'd like to use for the name. Bubble letters are especially popular in graffiti (see the related wikiHow for instructions), but there are plenty of other styles, too. You can have rounded edges or sharp, equally sized letters or some big letters and some small, etc. It's easier to emulate a style, and it's a good idea to have a picture of a graffiti piece in that style to refer to. Once you learn the basics you can develop your own style naturally.
Dude where did you do that green piece @. Where you from?
Lildevil9634 years ago
stop trolling trebek he knows what hes talking about
you dont steal peoples styles ur suppost to learn from them pick up a couple of things and make it yours
Rainman7155 years ago
Trebek, i'll take shut the @#$% up for 500. Everybody  on this site is here to lear. Let them learn about what they want and stop bein huge tools.  If you dont like the info, go to another tutorial thing.
FLO 7236 years ago
this is a tutorial on how to be THE BIGGEST TOOL EVER. and Trebek that is wat every 1 needs to say we are all the same
I really want to draz graffiti thanx for the help
kyle2466 years ago
he stole this info from wikihow.com
B.G.B6 years ago
i dont get it how are you suppose to learn graffiti? hello need more deatails!!
Trebek8 years ago
Wow...This is garbage...Its a tutorial on how to be a toy and how to bite peoples work. You obviously dont know a damn thing about the culture...
I know yo this is all terrible. just practice such as get a huge as piece of plywood and a couple cans of paint and do it in your backyard. gosh darnet!!! don't read all of this this is just a way to toy. "toy" meaning: sucking at graffiti and getting other peoples style
-"this part of the above step is what you need to read again." -"what is the last sentence?" thats how people learn, buddy. i like the push for originality...and i agree that all art is about doing something completely new...but all art -esp. in hiphop culture-[of which graffiti is a part]-- is about learning from what other people have done.
pizazz7 years ago
"How to be a complete toy"? I'm sorry, but you could have at least worked on this.