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The is a great trick for students or anybody who finds themselves in the pub with little or no money as you can normally get someone to buy you a drink if you say that you'll drink it through your nose. There are a few things to watch out for though.

Firstly, it's advisable to be slightly tipsy before trying the trick as this dulls the slight pain you will feel in your sinuses as the beer percolates upwards. Also, when trying this for the first time, do it with a small, tall glass rather than a wide brimmed pint glass as you will get a better seal on your face and are less likely to spill it down your face. Also, and this may be obvious unless you have started drinking already, clear any snot out of your chosen nostril.

Difficulty: ..........
Cost:..........Get your drink for free - do it for a dare.
Satisfaction:..........Excellent party piece.
Hazards:..........Possible yeast infection of sinuses. Risk of drowning.

Step 1: Seal the Glass on Your Nose

Drink some of the beer and then press the half empty glass against your nose until it seals against your nostril.

Step 2: Check for Leakage

Slowly raise the back end of the glass upwards and check if beer is leaking down your face or going into your nose. Re-adjust the beer glass on your face until it stops leaking out.

Step 3: Swallow the Beer

You will feel a dull burning sensation in your sinuses and then beer will flow into your mouth. Now is the time to start swallowing and slowly raise the back of your glass until it is empty.

Step 4: Celebrate

Slam the empty glass down on the bar and roar out loud like a lion as this will make your sponsor feel like he has got his money's worth and he may even buy you another drink.

Although this is obviously a comedy act, but please drink sensibly!

Another thing, it might be advisable to repeat the process afterwards with distilled water to wash the beer out of your sinuses.

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deluges (author)2017-11-08

Okay now I have to go find someone who will buy me a beer

RichardS185 (author)2016-02-17

So I have done this multiple times probably close to 100 when I was in college many years ago. I have survived without any complications. I guess I was lucky. I had a college radio show for 4 years call Beer in your Nose and my buddies band, the Meister Squad even wrote a song about it. Exciting times for me. By the way it worked much better straight from the bottle and you can actually drink from 2 bottles simultaneously. Great for parties.

Great Stuff !!!!!

karter151 (author)2015-05-12

Just dumb

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)karter1512015-05-12

Thank you!

jo.castiglione (author)2014-09-02

When liquid (or food) enters the lung it's called 'aspiration pneumonia'....can damage the lungs...cause swelling or a blockage that leads to infection as bacterial pneumonia! Good God! How desperate do you have to be for a beer you'd risk this?


Thanks for you comment Jo. I'm not a medical expert, but I would think there would be greater risk of drowning than aspiration pneumonia. Personally, I've breathed in many different foreign objects, the most recent one being a fly, which stayed lodged in my lungs for about 2 hours and then got coughed up in my hand. Before anybody asks ..... I'm sorry but the fly was dead and no, I did not get an infection.

Everything we do in life has a risk and even doing nothing can be really bad for our health. I guess all we can do is be aware of how dangerous something is and then weigh up whether it's worth it or not. I used to go windsurfing on 14' waves - 1000 times more dangerous than nose beer drinking. Would I do it again - absolutely yes!

Aspiration pneumonia is a very serious condition. I have problems swallowing and frequently get fluid in my lungs. I almost died twice when I stopped breathing and my heart stopped. I still think that this sounds very dangerous. Sterile salt water is one thing, but yeasty beer is another thing entirely. But then, I am not the one doing it.

Thanks for your comment Sandy. Sorry to hear you have health issues and, judging by all the comments, this is a dangerous thing to do.

crispernakisan (author)2014-08-31

Getting a yeast infection from doing this would only make the trick that much awesomer.

I have to disagree with you on this one!

Yeah, I don't think I'd want a yeast infection in my nose either. Initially, I was thinking you'd gain some street cred from getting the infection, but now I think you'd just get teased.

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)2014-09-01

Since this comments section has started to get weird, I thought we could start talking in a weird languge eg. Hindi. Highlight and right clink on this for a Bing translation:

अजीब होने के नाते मजेदार है

Unfortunately, there is no word in Hindi for weird, just 'funny'.

Mario2007 (author)2014-08-31

This place went from being a nice - fest to just weird.

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)Mario20072014-09-01

Thanks for your comment Mario2007 - nothing wrong with weird - I used to be a musician in a previous life and produced some incredibly weird music with some amazing people. I even made an instrument out of a dead goat and a tape measure.

Rafael MosMad (author)2014-08-23

Here we call this cocaine shots! This is very dangerous

Thanks for your comment Rafael. Have you any stories to tell about how dangerous 'cocaine shots' are please?

Well, we use other alcohol drinks, like vodka, ron etc... I think these are less dangerous than beer because of the yeast that may cause the growth of bacteria and thus a potential nasal infection.

Ok, thanks for your reply, but did anybody get a nasal infection at all?

Not that I know for now. Point in your favor. But, with beer, I would never do it. Better safe than sorry.


Ok, that's great, thanks, I just wondered if anyone had actually got ill from nose drinking beer.

samalert (author)2014-08-25

I dont know how many know but since the point has been creeping i would like to add one. To treat sinus problems "Yoga" suggests to do a yogic exercise wherein one sniffs water from one nostril and removes from mouth. It clears sinus problems. This is been followed from ancient times, and trust me it helps. So if i would get a beer than water why wouldnt i drink (keeping in mind i practice after dusk :p).

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)samalert2014-08-25

Very good samalert, please report back your findings!

noaddictives (author)2014-08-24


coptician (author)2014-08-22

Can you say "Yeast Infection"? This is really not a smart thing to do .Most sinus infections are limited to the frontal portions if the sinuses. Flooding them with anything that promotes flora and fauna growing deep in the sinuses can set up an infection that can actually be fatal. Neti pot warnings generally prescribe sterile or distilled water specifically to address this danger. Don't do this!

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)coptician2014-08-23

Thank you for your comment coptician. Do you think that people could rinse out their sinuses afterwards with distilled water to prevent a yeast infection?

coptician (author)Tecwyn Twmffat2014-08-23

Sinuses aren't just empty holes in your head. They are constructed in such a way that they are easily obstructed by mucus, inflammation, etc. Pressure from this is what gives one a sinus headache. And many folks have polyps (non cancerous growths) in their sinuses that further obstruct free drainage. A carbonated beverage like beer is going to bubble and fizz in your sinuses. The gas produced will force beer into places where even a Neti pot won't be able to reach. Since a main ingredient of beer is yeast,the result will be a warm, wet, inaccessible environment to grow yeast. Ask any woman if she'd want one of THOSE infections in her head!

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)coptician2014-08-23

Another really good comment. A friend of mine once drank champagne from the bottle and the froth expanded into her sinuses. Also, I used to regularly go windsurfing in extreme conditions and, a few hours later, have a large flush of salt water come out of my nose from within my head somewhere - no doubt the pressure of being tumbled in a huge wave sent water in and out of every channel connected to my sinuses. On the plus side, I NEVER got a cold and my friend is still healthy! Maybe the distilled water for rinsing should be fizzy, or more fizzy than the beer?

LynxSys (author)Tecwyn Twmffat2014-08-23

Rinsing with distilled water will also irritate the sinuses. You should use a pH-balanced sterile saline solution instead. You can create this solution simply by boiling water to sterilize it and then adding the correct amounts of salt and baking soda. An easier method is to use a commercial product like NeilMed Sinus Rinse (with whom I have no affiliation other than being a customer), which uses an eight ounce squeeze bottle and premixed packets of pharmaceutical-grade salt and baking soda to ensure the correct amount of each chemical is added to the water. If you rinse your sinuses with the correct solution it may feel a bit strange, but it shouldn't hurt, sting, or burn.

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)LynxSys2014-08-24

Excellent comment, thank you so much!

Darthorso (author)2014-08-23

Well, why not?

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)Darthorso2014-08-24


johnstat000 (author)2014-08-23

Ahh, the wonderful things humans do... Nice Instructable! You have my vote for bricobart contest!

Thanks John. I wrote it especially for bricobart.

abaltazar1 (author)2014-08-23

who would be willing to do this for a free drink?

Somebody who's into doing crazy stunts i guess?

coptician (author)2014-08-23

Then there's this: in order to dissolve the necessary amount of common sense to try this, you've probably already had to drink a six pack or two the right way. Which means you've also dissolved the required coordination to do it without drowning. And remember, all you friends will be drunk also, so nobody will be capable of giving you CPR.

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)coptician2014-08-23

Yes I agree. In fact drinking alcohol in general is incredibly dangerous if you think about it, and hang out at the emergency waiting room in any UK hospital on a friday/saturday night.

Leei1337 (author)2014-08-22

Just tried it and ouch! I failed

Tecwyn Twmffat (author)Leei13372014-08-22

Good effort lirvine! Keep going cos it's really worth it!

pickleman1234567890 (author)2014-08-22

Why would you do this

I would not really want to do this myself, it is more for students or people who can't afford a beer but can perform a very entertaining stunt to get a beer for free.

Good point

caitlinsdad (author)2014-08-22

Neti pot beer steins are next. It also clears out your sinuses and the alcohol might kill off some germs in there too.

That's a really good point about the germs. Some viruses such as influenza incubate in the sinuses and flushing them out with water once a week would logically be a good idea. I guess beer would do the same thing with added entertainment value.

So the doctor started scribbling on the prescription

  • QD (every day)
  • OD (once daily)
  • BID (twice a day)
  • TID (three times a day)
  • QAM (every morning)
  • QPM (every night)
  • Q4H (every 4 hours)
  • QOD (every other day)
  • HS (at bedtime)
  • PRN (as needed)
  • PO or "per os" (by mouth)
  • AC (before meals)
  • PC (after meals)

for a daily regimen...

Brilliant! I'd say Q4H myself.

caitlinsdad (author)caitlinsdad2014-08-22

and don't forget to breathe afterwards...

carlos66ba (author)2014-08-22

Yes, it is possible... but why???

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