Picture of How to drive a manual car

Step 1:

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To turn on the car push in the clutch all the way while turning the key.

Step 2:

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To set off push in the clutch and select first gear.

Step 3:

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Slowly let out the clutch and give it gas.

Step 4:

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To do a hill start put on the handbrake.

Step 5:

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Put it in gear and it give gas while letting out clutch.

Step 6:

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Take off the handbrake and go.

Step 7:

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To change between any gear put the clutch in.

Step 8:

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Choose the gear.

Step 9:

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Let out the clutch slowly and give it gas.

Step 10:

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To get better gas mileage change gear at a lower rpm.

Step 11:

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To take off fast, build up the revs with the clutch in and first gear selected.

Step 12:

Let out the clutch as fast as possible while putting the gas in all the way.

Step 13:

Change gear at the red line or wherever you think the most amount of power will come from. To go as fast as possible make every gear change as quick as you can by putting in the clutch, changing gear, and putting the gas all the way on as fast as you can.
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