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Introduction: How to Drive Like a Redneck

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How do you drive like a redneck? Since I consider myself a redneck and I drive my stickshift 4x4 like a big rig without using the clutch I suppose that could be considered driving like a redneck but lets consider something more specific , for this instructable  lets explore the basic redneck toy known as the mud truck. That's is not to say all rednecks drive mudtrucks or all mudtrucks are redneck (but most are)
there are rednecks in every part of the United States as well as the rest of the world. Some rednecks build trucks to climb rock walls others to drive across ice or large desert expanses

Step 1: Find Your Truck

there are many ways to find your truck, you can locate it in a field and make a deal, or find one for sale, if you're lucky you get one given to you

Step 2: Modifying Your Truck

 Modifying a truck to play well in the mud depends on the type of playing you want to do, it can be as simple as adding better tires or as involved as a total rebuild of the suspension and drive train and modifying the body to fit the other modifications.
Lifting a 4x4 truck to put larger tires can cost a small fortune but a lot of rednecks build there own suspension and lifts sometimes building trucks that can be 8 or 10feet off the ground

Step 3: Get Redneck With It

I sometimes need to shift my truck into 4wheel drive to get to my daughters house, the roads can become real muddy with some areas able to swallow my entire truck. Anywhere you see tall trucks with big tires you'll probably find mud pits or mud bogs, some are natural areas that have been created by just driving through the area others are created by property owners who then charge a fee for the areas use

Step 4: Not Trucks

rednecks have been known to modify vehicles other than pickups for their mudding fun

Step 5: It's Not All Fun and Games

Things can get deadly when you're out in the swamps or woods as this cotton mouth shows, of course a redneck would consider this dinner and there's nothing like the aroma of grilled snake to bring the 4wheeling redneck ladies around



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    OMG! Crossing a ravine on two tree trunks - you guys are certifiably insane!! What fun!
    Not one of your best 'ibles, l8nite: in step 5, you have insufficient suitably-sized pictorial information about the result of grilling snake... ;]

    2 replies

    I'm sorry, I'll strive to do better