How to Dual Monitor on a Computer





Introduction: How to Dual Monitor on a Computer

This instructible shows you how to use two monitors one computer

Step 1: Plug in Monitor Power and Vga

Plug in the power and vga cables from the monitor

Step 2: Power on the Computer

Make sure that all the cables are connected correctly before turning on the computer.

Step 3: Settings

Select the right resolution, and witch monitor you want to be the primary monitor.

Step 4: There It Is!

there you have it, two monitors, one computer



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    Could you explain what equipment is needed to do this? I know it's more then a simple VGA chord. Thank you for the setup for the software, but what hardware is needed?

    do your monitors show the same thing? if so, i really really do not see the point of this.

    look at the background (they are different)

    K, here's the deal... I really really need to have a 2nd screen next to my first... I've been wanting to purchase a new PC with the whole thing ready to go, but money it tight, so here's my question: I understand the OS side other things, and setting up the routing/desktop extension. My problem is, there is only one standard VGA monitor out port on my older Dell desktop. I see above about the DVI, but I don't have a port like that on my PC, so wondering if I can convert from either a serial port, or USB, or something to create the 2nd output? I know this: it has the original graphics card still, is that my problem? Can I only use dual monitors if I buy a different graphics card? Any help would be awesome! If you want me to take pic of the rear of the PC, let me know. Thanks so much

    why do people use two monitors on a computer?

    hey just a thought could use there graphics cards to have 3 seprate montiors

    Actually there is the newer ati cards do but if you have one with only 2 you can make it three with the onboard graphics port

    Dog I have the same speakers ($20)
    recommended logtiech