How to Dump Eggs With Your Friends.




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Introduction: How to Dump Eggs With Your Friends.

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Browsing randomly, I came across an Instructable for dying eggs with onion skins:

This is something I did as a child. I also used to (and still sometimes do), dump boiled eggs.

Step 1: Egg Dumping

You need two things - some friends, and a boiled egg each.

Competition happens in pairs.

Toss a coin to see who goes "bottoms" and who goes "tops".

"Bottoms" holds their egg in their fist, blunt end upwards. "Tops" hold their egg in one hand, with the pointed end sticking out.

"Tops" rap their egg sharply on "bottoms", once and once only.

If one of the eggs cracks, they lose. Eat the loser.

If neither egg cracks, change ends - "tops" becomes "bottoms" and vice versa.

Repeat until one egg cracks.

If you have several friends together at once, a knockout competition can be held, survivors battling survivors.

In UK pubs, egg dumping is an Easter charity event - competitors buy a pre-boiled egg for a pound, half the money goes in the pot for the winner, the rest goes to charity.

(Since first drafting this Instructable, I have found that egg-dumping was an Anlgo-Saxon tradition, and is also known as "jarping". Apparently some Geordies are under the false impression that they invented it, but we know better, don't we?)



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    Very similar, but the failures are more edible.

    "Very similar, but the failures are more edible." "...Eat the loser." Are you really advocating cannibalism, Sir?

    It is the custom on eastern in Lithuania :)

    1 reply

    lol put a raw one in just for kicks rofl!

    another fun variation is to have at least one raw egg mixed in with the rest of the boiled ones...the results are a bit more entertaining...i think (please don't quote me as i'm not an ovum expert) that there's not much structurally different between a boiled egg and a raw fact if memory serves correct...raw eggs might be a fraction stronger?

    2 replies

    Stronger? Possibly - boiled ones can crack from the internal pressure and clonking around in the saucepan.

    Now that sounds like an awesome experiment :)