Do you want purple wheels but yours are blue?Teal bushings?This instructable is for YOU!

I'm going to show you how to dye your longboard/skateboard wheels and bushings using household items,for less than $10.

Before you begin,make sure to read the whole instructable and understand the steps.If you have any questions,feel free to ask in the comments.This instructable involves a stove and hot items so parental supervision is advised for anyone under the age of 13.

Step 1: Materials and equipment needed

RIT dye in powder form or any other powdered cloth dye.Your local supermarket or craft store should carry it.I'm using the colour Aubergine,a weird dark shade of purple,but you don't have to.

A stove.

A pot large enough to fit the wheels/bushings.Doesn't matter if you don't have one big enough,you can always do them one at a time.

Soap and an old toothbrush,to clean the items.

A timer or a clock

A teaspoon
<p>I think I will use this to dye my face!</p>
Yeah would it affect the gripiness or durometer of the wheel?
<p>Would this have any effect on the duro?</p>
Are flat spots more visible after dyeing?
They shouldn't,though I haven't tried it with flatspotted wheels yet.
Good Job! Wow I had NO Idea we could Dye Rubber! This would be awesome for Bicycle Tires. <br><br>Great Final Product!
I'm not sure if you can try bicycle tyres,because skateboard/longboard wheels and bushings are made of urethane.

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