How to Eat a Grapefruit





Introduction: How to Eat a Grapefruit

Many people think of grapefruit as sour. It's not. Grapefruit pith is sour. Without it, a grapefruit is sweet and delicious. It also has far more minimal effect on blood sugar than it otherwise should, for yet to be determined reasons, and is a great food for a diet.

Here's how to eat a grapefruit just as you would an orange. A food hack, if you'll indulge the term, that saves a lot of slicing and sugaring.

Step 1: Peel the Fruit

Not very complex. Peel the grapefruit as you would an orange. Thanks to the thick skin, it usually peels quite easily.

Step 2: Remove Pith From the Top Half

One you've removed the skin, you should have a denuded, and very sour fruit in your hands.

Grab on to the pitch near the very top of the fruit, as indicated by the image note below. If you're careful, you can actually peel off the pith, as seen in the second image. Generally, one can only get most of the top half of the pith with this method.

The third image shows the results.

Step 3: Split and Peel Some More

At this point, you might want to hold the fruit in some paper towel. It's going to start to leak and get messy.

Split the grapefruit in half. Grab the remnants of the stem, noted below, and use that as a starting point to peel off more pith. You can see how it works in the second image.

Step 4: Enjoy!

When you're done, you should have a juicy, sweet grapefruit.

Take off a slice as you would an orange and enjoy.



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Hi, I would like to know if we should eat grapefruits like oranges (with the thin layer of skin holding the flesh in it) or we should eat it like pomelo(only eating its flesh)

This isn't the way to do it. If I had a grapefruit right now I'd show differently. (The techinique involves using a knife)

Yeah, I posted the other method a while back. This is how we eat grapefruit at my house...we cut it with a it straight off the cutting board.

Mmm, that's how I was taught, nice pictures.


Despite Las Vegas' comments, everyone has a different method. I used to cut mine in half, and remove the slices with a knife, but I found this way less work. I just didn't know it was feasible until I discovered it was the pith that contained all the bitterness.

Mankind has been peeling citrus since its discovery. Cutting it in half and serving with a sectioning spoon (or later sectioning and serving with a teaspoon) was created by the hoity-toity upper class much later on. You should try peeling a lemon this way. Of course, that would be a waste of the very sweet and tasty lemon peel.

Without going to the trouble of buying a grapefruit and showing you pictures. Cut all of the skin away with a knife, then extract the segaments with a knife. You end up with sticky-fingers, but no nasty bits. Grapefruit can be very sweet and tassty, but as you observe, the pithy-bits are nasty. L

Jeff - have you ever tried it with Miracle Fruit? It makes the grapefruit sweet and delicious without the sugar or nasty artificial sweeteners.

I have to say, I may be hoity toity and even have grapefruit spoons. I enjoy cutting it in half, separating it out with my fancy spoon, and then drinking the juice out using the halved grapefruit as a cup. ...

I have'not eaten one in YEARS & forgot the best way of eating one! the first 1/2 I murdered & didnt get much, then I used a knife & stood over the sink eating it- think I'll give the rest of them a way!