How to eat cereal WITH MILK anywhere!!!!!!!(Without getting soggy)

Picture of How to eat cereal WITH MILK anywhere!!!!!!!(Without getting soggy)
I will show you a way to take cereal with milk anywhere and eat it with out getting all gross on you and to make people look at you strangely lol!
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of gather materials
this is all the stuff you will need...

Step 2: Pour cereal

Picture of Pour cereal
get the cereal you want and pour it into TUPPERWARE

Step 3: Pour milk into bag

Picture of pour milk into bag
pour milk into bag

Step 4: COMBINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of COMBINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
put bag of milk into the tupperware container that you put cereal in earlier.....

Step 5: Lid

Picture of lid
put the lid on. No one likes spilling cereal in their car. (take heed to this step especially if you're one of those crazy drivers that gets flipped off all the time for driving like a maniac and taking turns going 40MPH or 60KMH)[what ever you prefer]

Step 6: Pour milk into cereal

Picture of pour milk into cereal
pour milk into cereal

Step 7: EnFREAKIN'joy

Picture of enFREAKIN'joy
that's right you have worked hard...well kinda, and now is the time to enjoy your cereal in your office, outside, anywhere really...
You look scary =[
unatco7 years ago
Nice man. Like the Tucker tags BTW ;) Hey how bout an icepack to keep the milk chill? Just a thought.