Step 7: enFREAKIN'joy

that's right you have worked hard...well kinda, and now is the time to enjoy your cereal in your office, outside, anywhere really...
You look scary =[<br />
&nbsp;wont the milk spoil?
Try putting the milk in a plastic bottle instead. I think you'll find that bottles, especially those with screw on caps, are highly suitable for transporting liquids. Then you don't need to waste a ziplock bag every time Tony the Tiger invites you on a camping trip.
or you make friends with a cow
you better convince him your a vegitarian. lol
the pic where you are eating it scares me all the time,but great show! 5/5 STARS +faves
hahahaha you look like a terrorist in that 2nd last pic .. splitting image!
haha yeah i do!
You can buy milk in clear plastic bags where I live. If you are taking this camping you would reduce weight and improve shelf life if you used whole or skim milk powder. Just add water and mix. While it doesn't taste the same as fresh milk, it does go down ok. After all, you're roughing it a bit when you're camping.
Yay crummy Wal-Mart rip-off cereal! (You'd think they'd it least call it something like "Raisin Flakes")
yeah forreal i used to work for them ugh. never again!
Nice man. Like the Tucker tags BTW ;) Hey how bout an icepack to keep the milk chill? Just a thought.
haha! yeah an ice pack would be a really good idea, especially if you live somewhere that is really warm outside.

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