How to edit desktop icons' spacing in Windows 7.

Picture of How to edit desktop icons' spacing in Windows 7.
Since laptop and netbooks are in right now, It can't be helped that their screen resolution is small. This guide will teach you how to save some space on your desktop by making the icons closer to each other.

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Step 1: Open Your Personalization Window

Picture of Open Your Personalization Window
Right click on your desktop and select Personalize or go to Control Panel , Appearance and Personalization , and click Personalization .

Step 2: Open Advanced Appearance Settings

Picture of Open Advanced Appearance Settings
Select Window Color and click on Advanced appearance settings... 
You will now be greeted with a window that you'll be familiar with if you had previously used Windows XP .

Step 3: Change The Spacing

Picture of Change The Spacing
From the drop-down list, select either Icon Spacing (Horizontal) or Icon Spacing (Vertical) . Change their values to what you desire and press ok.

For this tutorial, I will use 20 pixels for both.

Step 4: Log Off

Picture of Log Off
After pressing Ok , Log Off your Computer to see the changes.