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For this instructable I'm going to show how to edit photos using Pixler ( www.Pixlr.com ) I will try to get as many photos but its hard because my cameras dead so i have to use my phone :p


Step 1: How to add fangs

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1.Click the lasso and then click polygonal lasso.
2.trace the tooth and then click clear 2 times for a whitening affect
3.then click the color picking tool than looks like a blue tube to get the same white as the tooth
4.click the smooth icon to drag the teeth into a point
5. then click the hand and zoom out and your done with the fangs
sunshiine3 years ago
Kewl! I will refer to this when I try using Pixir again. I wanted to use it tonight but could not figure out how to make 2 different pictures for i1 page. Split pictures? I guess that is what they call it. Anyway thanks for sharing. Have a splendorous day!