Here are a couple of ways to edit your myspace layout. I will use my account to show this. By the way...since I am showing you my myspace...and it is "private"...you should deffinately add me.

Step 1: Find a Layout

Go to Google and find a layout that you like. Be sure that you don't enter your password ANYWHERE other than Myspace..there are a lot of scams out there.

When you find one that looks good...go to the next step!
I think you should figure out the CSS and write an instructables on that. The only useful bit of information you have his is the warning to be careful where you put your password. Chances are anyone who wants a layout will go to google and search for one. Anyone who wants to learn how to create their profile themselves will come to Instructables. Just my 2 cents.
Learn CSS. That's what the profiles are made from. It's really easy.

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