Introduction: How to Edit Your Photos With GIMP

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This is a tutorial for editing your photos in a program called GIMP. First you need to have the program, if you don't you can get it here:

Step 1: Open Up Your Project

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When you have GIMP installed, open it up and click File>Open and then go to where you have your pictures and click it then click Open.

Step 2: Crop Your Image

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NOTE: If you don't want your image cropped then skip this step.
Click on the "Toolbox - Tool Options" window and click the Rectangle Select, Then Select the part of your photo you want cropped, then click on Image>Crop to Selection and it will remove the part that is not selected.

Step 3: Change the Brightness

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When you take your photos, sometimes it is too dark, this is where the Brightness-Contrast comes in.
Click on Colors>Brightness-Contrast. The brightness slider makes it Brighter/Darker and the Contrast slider makes the colors show more if you move it towards the direction of the brightness slider.

Step 4: Export Your Files

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When you are done editing your image, click on File>Export and then click on the file you edited, then click Export,
NOTE: You don't save your file because if you do it will say that you can only use "save" for saving it in a GIMP File Format.

Step 5: Compare the Difference

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This is the difference between when i started doing it and when i finished.
There is a large difference.


YanHri (author)2017-03-05

Have you tried anything else?

turquoise_bear made it! (author)2016-11-15

I have a photo of the tent we use at art shows. In the rear of the tent is a display table, which is partially obscured by a shadow. Is there a way to lighten an area containing part of the back wall of the tent and the surface of the table? Thanks

YanHri (author)turquoise_bear2017-03-05

Yes, just set a few anchors and lighten it. I could try and do it for you. The thing is, it makes it look a bit unnatural...

dozer789 (author)2012-12-05

In case anyone is wondering what the thing that i edited is, it is my Knex Fly that you can find how to make in my profile.

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