Picture of How to edit your pictures using Picnik
Go to www.picnik.com. The site will show up like this. Press "Get started now!"

Step 1: Upload a photo

Picture of Upload a photo
There should be a button that says "Upload a photo". Click that button.

(It also greets you by saying "Hi, Guest! Welcome to Picnik!" And underneath that, it says "Picnik gets even better if you register for free." To create an account, click "register for free".)
I think the idea of online photo is cool and useful for small pics like SN profile pics or wutever.
normally i prefer to work offline with MAGIX Xtreme Photo&Grafic Designer http://www.magix.com/us/xtreme-photo-graphic-designer/ which is pretty cool (i can recommend ).

anyways i like the idea of picnic and will check it out..