Most of us know someone who suffer eczema and I was one of them as a child. My grandad who is a chinese herbalist handed down this remedy to my mum.

I was allegic to dairy products such as milk, cheese and chocolate since the age of three. My conditions were very serious my ears,legs and arms were often very itchy and i could'nt ressist scracthing them.

 My mum did'nt want to weaken my immune systems by using antibiotics so we used Chinese remedies, these were very commonly sold in chinese medicine shops, as ready made remedy which isn't too cheap. And in this instructable we will teach you how to make this remedy that you can drink or apply as liquid to your skin to cure eczema. If your conditions are mild this will cure it whithin a week or two. But if your conditions are serious it will probably take a month or so. Drinking this remedy will also help you to prevent getting a sore throat.

Step 1: Ingredients


Can be brought in oriental supermarket!!!

:Honeysuckle flower aprox $3 1   00g  [only 50g needed]  
:Chrysanthemum aprox $3   80g
:4 litre of water FREE

:4L cooking pot

I think I have eczema on my scalp but I have not been to a dermatologist. It may be psoriasis. Could this remedy be used for that too? And what do you mean to use cotton wool? Are you talking about dipping a piece of cotton wool fabric into the liquid and just rub over the skin? What does the mixture smell like?<br>I'm really sorry for all the questions but I'm just trying to research it before I try it. It may be hard for me to find these ingredients. Thank you for your time.
It does itch all the time and it's in patches on my scalp.
at first did you have gray or silvery flaky patches on your head if yes it is psoriasis
What does it look like? does get itchy all the time is it like a red patch? <br> And yeah you dip the cotton wool into the liquid then rub it over the skin <br> It doesnt really smell like anything in particular but i can garentee you it does not smell bad.
Yes but be aware that when you boil the remedy some of it evaporates
So are you saying before you drink a glass, you need to boil the amount you will be drinking before you drink it?

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