How to Embed Youtube Videos in Your Instructable Using Internet Explorer


Introduction: How to Embed Youtube Videos in Your Instructable Using Internet Explorer

I was having a lot of trouble with this also.  I noticed that quite a few people where having difficulty figuring this out and there isn't much help, here's how to do it.

Step 1: Goto Youtube

Goto the Youtube page where you keep your video.  You will see a button under your video called "Embed."  If you look at the picture with this step you will see the button circled in red with a red arrow pointing to it, you can't miss it.  Click that button.

Step 2: Copy the HTML Script for Your Video

     After you click the button marked, "Embed" you will see some highlighted text appear under your video.  In the picture associated with this step you will see the highlighted script circled in red with a red arrow pointed at it.
     Since the script is already highlighted all you have to do is copy it.
     On Internet Explorer you can click, "Edit" followed by "Copy."  Or you can do the keyboard shortcut by holding down the "CTRL" key while pressing "C."
     Your script is now copied.

Step 3: Get Ready to Paste Your Link Into Your Instructable.

    Put whatever text you want into your Instructable and place the cursor where you want the Youtube video to appear and then locate the Embed Video button on the Instructable page.  In the picture you will see the button circled in red with a red arrow pointing at it.  Click that button.

Step 4: Paste the Link in Your Instructable

    After you click the "Embed Video" button you will see a new window open up.  Click in the window and click on "File" and then "Paste" or just hold down the "CTRL" key while pressing "V."  You will see your Youtube link appear in the Embed Video window.

Step 5: Click OK

After you paste your Youtube link in the Embed Window click OK.

Step 6: What It Should Look Like at This Point

     If you don't see the standard Youtube link and instead see a big box with the word FLASH in it, you have been doing it correctly.  Your Instructable should look like the pictures below.

Step 7: Save Now

Click the button marked "Save Now" on your Instructable.

Step 8: Check Your Instructable

     Click the button marked "view instructable" to make sure the Youtube script was embedded correctly.
     The first picture shows where you will find the "view instructable" button.
     The second picture shows the step where I inserted the Youtube video, in this Instructable I put it in step 4.

Step 9: Wrap Up

     That's all there is too it, enjoy.




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    Much thanks! Just used your instructions on how to do this!

    I got all the way to step 5, i opasted the youtube link in and clicked on the ok box and nothing happens. it just stays there with box open.

    1 reply

    Sorry it took so long to reply I've been at Scout camp all summer. The video box doesn't always show up as you are writing your instructable but it will be there after you publish it.

    I had been wrestling w/ this and just figured out that now- 2/26/11 after you click the embed button on you tube you need to choose the 'use old embed code' check box in order to get the video to stay after saving in instructables.


    when I add the content, it is shown on the wysiwyg editor, but when I save it, sadly it disappears.

    4 replies

    I take it you are writing about adding a Youtube video box. If you do not click on the Embed Video button on the wysiwyg editor, it will disappear. The location of the Embed Video is shown in step 3.

    thanks for the comment!

    but sorry, I did not quite follow...
    yes, it is a youtube clip.
    I clicked on the 'Embed Video' button, then pasted my html code from youtube into the popup dialog, then pressed 'OK' button. Player was then rendered on the wysiwyg. When I clicked 'save' it disappears. could you pinpoint me exactly what I did wrong?


    OK, I know what you are asking. When you publish the instructable it will be there. I noticed that happens sometime but not always. Let me know if you have anymore problems.

    You are you IE right?

    embed & pray, gotcha. fine by me :)

    I am not on IE,
    started with Chrome but smart uploader didn't work (osx 10.6)
    now working with Firefox.

    there isn't any way I can throw in some WikiText, is there?

    I get an error when trying to embed videos, I have already tried both IE and FireFox, none of them seem to work.

    1 reply

    What error are you getting?

    Not even! I have a Master's Degree in Technology and it took me almost a week to figure it out. I just happened to notice this one little icon....

    And it works... well done. I had missed out step 7 when I had tried to do it myself

    now It works


    Thanks matey now I don't look like a COMPLETE idiot... ;)

    hmmm, i see... Let's see if my video works now... (will be back in a mo)