Picture of How to engrave a Computer Window (Part 1)
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I have seen many cases with the engraved clear windows. I had desided engrave my wndows to give them a new look. This is not as hard as it looks just take your time and you will get good results.

Other case window instructables can be found on Instructables web site.

After looking a this look at at ( Part 2 )

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Step 1: Plan your design

Picture of Plan your design
Plan your design.

Take the measurements of your window and draw whatever you want. Go for a theme or use an image. I just made some freehand drawings of flames.

Step 2: Scan in your drawing (Optional)

Picture of Scan in your drawing (Optional)
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I scanned in my drawing of the flames and fixed it up in Photo shop.

using the filters-> Filter-Sketch-Photocopy
You get nice thick lines where the outline is in Photo shop

IF you want text or have your image pointing one way you will need to mirror the image.->Image-Rotate Canvas-Flip Canvas Vertical.

Step 3: Tools

'Tools Needed'

Plexiglas - either from your case or buy some to make a window.
Dremel - or other rotary tool that takes engraving bits.
Flex-shaft - helps a lot to makes the tool feel lighter and avoid mistakes.
Engraving Bits - I used a 107. Any size will work. Smaller if you want detail.
Tape - to hold the template to the Plexiglas.
A good light.

Step 4: Setting up for engraving.

Picture of Setting up for engraving.
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Find a place to work and lay out the template the way you want it.

Tape the template to the Plexiglas so it wont move.

I have 3 small windows on my case they are all 9"x7" I am only doing the 2 side windows.

Step 5: Start engraving.

Picture of Start engraving.
Picture 390.jpg
Picture 391.jpg
Work slowly and watch what you are doing. The slightest mess up can ruin your design.

Step 6: Put it back in your case.

Picture of Put it back in your case.
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Picture 400.jpg
Put it back in the case and start it up. Enjoy your new engraved windows.

Part 2 will show a different etching effect that is why this is low detail. My engravings are not that deep. Latter on it will be deeper.
Nice guide, I'm gonna engrave a intel, nvidia and physix logo on my homemade all plexi testbench.
neardood6 years ago
u can't really see It I recommend getting LEDs and angling them just right so the engraving is lit up
Rob K (author)  neardood6 years ago
This didn't work to well for me so that why I did the part 2. It turned out so much nicer that way.
do you engrave right through the paper?
Rob K (author)  techbilder096 years ago
The paper with the design is placed behind the plexiglas/acrylic
phoenix1247 years ago
hey, nice instructable. lol a bit similar to mine, but nice nonetheless :)

feel free to post both parts in my group:

long live the cube case!!! lol
lol oops, seems u did already. well, in that case welcome to the group :P
Rob K (author)  phoenix1247 years ago
I has just thought it was a good place to put them.
Rob K (author) 7 years ago
Part 2 is going to be worked on this weekend. So if anyone is reading this it should be up by Sunday night or Monday morning.
You should try sandblasting, It's easier to see, and looks great with leds. I made this a couple years ago.
Picture 440.jpg
Rob K (author)  AlexTheGreat7 years ago
Sandblasting does givea good effect. My dads shop has a sand blaster but the grit is to cource for plesiglas or anything soft. Would be like hitting it with a firehose. Im not all the way done with my windows yet. 2 weeks at least and you will see what im aiming at. Im away at school and im not sure if they would like me using a dremal in the dorm.
gmjhowe7 years ago
very nice, i would recommend installing an led at the very edge of the perspex, you kno so it shines through it better, this would really show it off! i like your case, but i think its in desperate need of a paint job, maybe blue flames?
Rob K (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
I actuly engraved the windows to help draw attention away from the scratches. I had a UV CCFL light inside but the inverter fried making my case look plain. Part 2 is to make it look tron like with only the engraving showing.
Picture 393.jpg100_2085.jpg
Rob K (author)  Rob K7 years ago
Pictures did not keep the captions, but the first one show the scratches in the right part of the window and the second picture this is a old picture when I first got the case.
gmjhowe Rob K7 years ago
Well, as long as your gaming in the nite it should look pretty hot!
Wow! Really nice effect. Looks great, and did you make the LED fan yourself? Nice template by the way, can't wait until part 2 comes out.
Rob K (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Oh. Those computers (any with the LED things) are awesome!
Mine is cased up.
It's a black DELL.
Looking at it right now, it says: DELL Dimension 2100.

I can't find it on Google Images though.
Rob K (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
I added a picture of what my case looks like.
Cool! Those are cool computers.