How to Enter the Instructables Wallet Challenge





Introduction: How to Enter the Instructables Wallet Challenge

You've told us over and over, and we finally got the message: DIY Wallets are hot.

Wallet made from a computer keyboard
Paper Wallet
quality duct tape wallet
the Ultimate Duct Tape Wallet
Tyvek FedEx Wallet with Change Pocket
and a whole bunch more...

So, we're holding a 5-day Wallet Challenge. Make a wallet, share it on Instructables, and you could win a beta Eye-fiEye-Film. These SD cards are 802.11g wifi enabled and will upload your pictures directly to some of the major photo sharing and storage services (check out the forum post about them here).

Since this is a short challenge, we're going to judge the Instructables based on their rating and pageviews.

First Prize
The Instructable with the highest rating will win a a beta Eye-fiEye-Film and an Instructables t-shirt.

Second Prize
The three Instructables with the greatest number of pageviews (after the First Prize winner, if necessary) will each win Instructables t-shirts.

Entries must be published between now and Sunday April 29th at 11:59 PM PDT, and added the Wallet Challenge Group. Instructables published prior to the start of this Challenge are not eligible. Add the keyword "wallet_challenge" to your Instructable (you can do so after it's published by clicking "add keywords" in the left sidebar and typing wallet_challenge), and click on that keyword to see how your's stacks up. We'll judge based on the standings at 10 AM PDT Tuesday May 1st, and announce the results shortly thereafter. Since this is a short challenge and since we're judging it via input from the community, getting your Instructable in early gives you an advantage.

I've added a Popularizing Your Instructable section to the How to make a great Instructable, to help you get your Instructable out and seen.

If you've already submitted a wallet Instructable, make another with improvements and submit that! Make a wallet that's already on the site, link to the inspiring Instructable, and tell us how you made it better! Any wallet, purse, or wallet-like thing, like this one for example, is fair game.

UPDATE:Results are up!



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Questions & Answers


Question: the 2-4 place instructables are juged only on the number of page views correct? If so, wont the instructables created BEFORE this contest like the "quality duct tape wallet" (which has 19,635 page views at the moment.)have a HUGE unfair advantage? Or will you only count page views from this weeks time period? in which case the instructables that have been here for a long time would STILL have an advantage, popularity. Anyways, hope u can clear this up for me :) ~Twisted

Entries must be published between now and Sunday April 29th at 11:59 PM PDT

Instructable originally published outside the timeframe of the challenge, are not eligible.

the year in the date would be nice; crazy enough, 6 years later, im looking at this and wanting to enter.

I think it's based on the rating, but i don't know if i'm right.

We're only counting the contest period.

That said, if your entry were to get linked to from Digg, other blogs, etc, the page views of a few days just don't matter. For instance, while theRIAA's paper wallet has almost 100 thousand pageviews, the *vast* majority of them happened this week.

A year too late:

I used this instructable: Paper Wallet

I made my own last night out of a Tyvek envelope.

I even customized it with my logo/signature that I use on my artwork (

I used an epson 2400 printer to print on the envelope. I had to use the Manual Roll feed, and the sharp edges DO bleed slightly. I wouldn't recommend Tyvek for printing photos, or images where there are small details you want to keep.

One mod I added: a slit on the back side for easy in/out of my Metro card. This is the item I pull out most often, and so it's easily accessible now without the need to pull out the wallet from my pocket.

Check the photos.

Are we getting a new wallet challenge at all? I suggest a no paper or tape rule.