How to Enter the International Go-Pro Challenge





Introduction: How to Enter the International Go-Pro Challenge

Fed up with waiting for the Autodesk lawyers to get their litigious digits out of whatever orifices they have been poking in, and let international members enter contests?

Want a chance to go pro?

Read on.

Step 1: The Prizes

First prize: Full 12 month Pro membership.

Second prize: six month pro membership

Two runner-up prizes of 3 month pro memberships

Various "honourable mention" patches.

Plus The Jeff-O Special Prize of a full year's pro.

Step 2: How to Enter

Simple: publish a step-by-step instructable, and post a link to it in a comment here.
  • The instructable should be new (published after the posting of this announcement).
  • It should be a Make, rather than a collection of bits of advice.
  • It should have original images produced especially for the project.
  • It should have a vaguely international theme.  For instance, if it is a recipe, it should be a type of food from a country other than that in which you live, or it could be a device created to make foreign holidays more fun.  This requirement is very, very vague.

Special restrictions:

Entries are welcome from all members, no matter who you are or where you live in the world (even staff can enter, since they are not part of running the contest).

Cash-value prizes will only be awarded to entrants who are

(a) not resident with the various American states and lumps of Canada to whom official contests are normally restricted.
(b) not already pro at the close of the contest.

If winners are ineligible for the cash-value prizes, they will be asked to nominate another, eligible entrant to whom the prize will be awarded in their name.  Patches will be awarded in recognition of this generosity.


Entries must be published after this announcement, and links to them must be posted in the comments by midnight, Sunday 16th October, Instructables website time (ie, by the time & datestamp of the comment posted here).

Step 3: Judging

The length of time judging takes will depend on the number of entries, as well as any other commitments I find myself with at that time.

I reserve the right to approach other trusted members of the community for assistance with judging, but all final decisions will be mine, and final.

The winners will be announced in a forum topic, and recorded in an additional step to this announcement.

Any questions, either post them in a comment, or PM me directly.

Good luck, and get Making!

Step 4: Entries So Far



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Dear Kiteman,

Thank you very much. I am honoured to be granted the first prize!

And congratulations to all participants.

This may have been a small scale contest, but a proud one! I hope it is a start for more like contests like this.

I think an important challenge is to bring this kind of initiatives to the attention of a lot of Ibles-members as possible. The Ibles-team is very kind to bring it to attention here and there, but there is still a big difference with being in the list of contests, obviously.

Personally, I do not think big prizes are necessary for a contest.

I am thinking to launch a contest of my own, but I'm always running short in time to work on my time machine ;-)

Best Regards


does that mean its a void in quebec?

The contest is over now, but anybody could enter, they just had to give any prizes to people who weren't allowed to enter official contests yet.

I may do another challenge soon.

So who won?

I got a patch :) Thanks!

masynmachien's "Disarming Game" came out tops.


I won a prize!!!!!!!!

Thanks a LOT!!!

You're welcome.

I may run another challenge, if I can get more entries next time ...

You're in - tell your friends about it as well, there's still a full day left to enter.