Picture of How to enter the International Go-Pro Challenge

Fed up with waiting for the Autodesk lawyers to get their litigious digits out of whatever orifices they have been poking in, and let international members enter contests?

Want a chance to go pro?

Read on.

Step 1: The prizes

Picture of The prizes

First prize: Full 12 month Pro membership.

Second prize: six month pro membership

Two runner-up prizes of 3 month pro memberships

Various "honourable mention" patches.

Plus The Jeff-O Special Prize of a full year's pro.
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Dear Kiteman,

Thank you very much. I am honoured to be granted the first prize!

And congratulations to all participants.

This may have been a small scale contest, but a proud one! I hope it is a start for more like contests like this.

I think an important challenge is to bring this kind of initiatives to the attention of a lot of Ibles-members as possible. The Ibles-team is very kind to bring it to attention here and there, but there is still a big difference with being in the list of contests, obviously.

Personally, I do not think big prizes are necessary for a contest.

I am thinking to launch a contest of my own, but I'm always running short in time to work on my time machine ;-)

Best Regards

orangetj3 years ago
does that mean its a void in quebec?
Kiteman (author)  orangetj3 years ago
The contest is over now, but anybody could enter, they just had to give any prizes to people who weren't allowed to enter official contests yet.

I may do another challenge soon.
colorex3 years ago
So who won?

I got a patch :) Thanks!
Kiteman (author)  colorex3 years ago
masynmachien's "Disarming Game" came out tops.
colorex Kiteman3 years ago
ynze3 years ago
I won a prize!!!!!!!!

Thanks a LOT!!!
Kiteman (author)  ynze3 years ago
You're welcome.

I may run another challenge, if I can get more entries next time ...
Only just informed of this competition!
And I'm only just in time! :) 
Kiteman (author)  Heygalicious3 years ago
You're in - tell your friends about it as well, there's still a full day left to enter.
Awesome thanks!
micraman3 years ago
When does the contest end? My exams just finished (YAY!!!!) and i'm making my first ible rite now.
Kiteman (author)  micraman3 years ago
It finishes on Sunday.
Here it is! Hope you enjoy and please give advice!


ynze3 years ago
Hereby, I enter my step-by-step instructable "Make a Blinky-Dragonfly", as can be viewed here.

In the case the Jury decides to award my entry a Prize, I would prefer a nice, shiny Patch. This is not because I despise the Pro-memberships, but because I can extend my current Pro-membership well beyond the year 2020 with the coupons that were given to me as a Prize(! Hey, isn't that illegal these days?) by one of Autodesks' Business Units.
Kiteman (author)  ynze3 years ago
ynze Kiteman3 years ago
Thank you! I'm glad there's still someone on this website who accepts my entries for contests :->
Kiteman (author)  ynze3 years ago
I have always found you to be acceptable...
ynze3 years ago
If you need more Pro-memberships (12 months or 3 months) for prizes, I'd be more than happy to provide them.

I'm working on a new, very very internationally themed I'ble right now, which I will submit shortly :-)

Thanks for making me smile, Kiteman!
Kiteman (author)  ynze3 years ago
I have plenty, thank you (especially when you notice that I only have three entries to date...)
Does it have to be international for me? Or international for most other people? (Or both -.-?)
This is kinda funny cause I had the idea of an unofficial contest a while back but then I realized I have no prizes I could give and pretty much no-one would see it.
Its great to see someone else had the same stroke of genius as me, but were famous (by instructables's standards) and so could actually do it.

Oh... also I realized that since I have been very inactive for a while, I have a whole lot of spare patches so could I add some to the prize pool? Maybe for... uhh... silliest idea or something.
-eggy x 3
Kiteman (author)  eggyeggyeggy3 years ago
When I said "international", I meant "somewhat vaguely, in a distant kind of way, linked insubstantially to a thing you could link to the concept of "international"".
Dear Kiteman,

I would like to enter this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/Disarming-Game/.

Something to train future "International (Wo)Men of Mystery"  ;-)
Kiteman (author)  masynmachien3 years ago

I would wave a Pro membership as I have one for some time to come, but I'm going for an "honourable patch".
colorex3 years ago
Kiteman (author)  colorex3 years ago
Accepted - second entry.
Chumlee3 years ago
can i use drift wood? it is a imported material in a way
Kiteman (author)  Chumlee3 years ago
You're getting the idea...
Kryptonite3 years ago
So... the theme is anything 'international' based... right?
Kiteman (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
Absolutely anything you can crow-bar into the general concept.
Moustache pants, away!
Goodhart3 years ago
What would you say to modifying a "foreign made" portable (battery powered but dead) electric drill to run off of mains current?
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart3 years ago
I probably could (note the restrictions in step 2, though)
Which in particular? Vaguely foreign theme? Or a MAKE as opposed to a re-purpose?
Kiteman (author)  Goodhart3 years ago
You're Making a thing from something that it was not.

A statue from a block of marble, a sheet of paper from a tree, a mains drill from a cordless drill. Same thing.

It is international in the sense that the project would be impossible without the imported raw materials.

Gotta lurv the sophistry!
Wiley subterfuge ;-)

Ok, I was just wondering if there was something in particular in "step 2" that I was to look out for or look at (mentioned a few posts ago :-)   As per normal however, I probably will not get enough time to finish it in time.... 
cammers3 years ago
Good on you Kiteman.
I'll try to think of something great for this.
lemonie3 years ago

I've got at least 2 Pro memberships spare, ask me at prize-time.

Kiteman (author)  lemonie3 years ago
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