How to enter the September 2006 Instructables Magnet challenge and project contest!

Picture of How to enter the September 2006 Instructables Magnet challenge and project contest!
It's time for another project contest! In addition to giving out awards and prizes for the best Instructables entered during September, we're also trying out a challenge: document a project that utilizes magnets.

Magnet Challenge
Document a project that uses magnets. Magnets are used in lots of places, so thinking up a project should be easy. Here are some example uses of magnets to get you started (post more in the comments!): motors, earrings, transformers, Rubik’s cubes, refrigerator magnets and lights, knife racks, voice coils and speakers, throwies, reed switches, traffic light triggers, magnetically levitating trains, art, ferrofluid, and bicycle speedometers.

The best five Instructables documenting projects with magnets will win ATC 1000 Helmets cams. We’ve been experimenting with helmet cams and think they can help make documentation easier and more fun. To enter, publish your project anytime during September and add it to the Magnet Challenge group.

September Project Contest
Wild Planet Toys gave us some Digital Spy Cameras that we'll also give away as part of the September Project Contest. The top 5 projects will win SpyCams and the next 10 projects will win the card readers.

The 10 best Instructables published during the month of September will win a [http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Item(1220)-SDDR-103-SanDisk_MobileMate_SD_Plus5in1_Reader.aspx SanDisk MobileMate SD Plus 5-in-1 Reader] plus a rare earth magnet (a 1/4'' x 1/4'' x1/2'' NdFeB from Amazing Magnets) and some epoxy to make a magnetic memory reader. We always seem to be losing our memory card adapters; I figured if they were magnetically attached to the fridge they might stick around longer.

We’ll also give 25 Honorable Mentions with Instructables patches to sew onto your jacket or bag. Check out the picture of the patch.

Results are posted in the news section. Congratulations to all the winners!

pgdarth954 years ago
effing magnets, how do they work?
Still waiting for the 15 to roll by..... It's killing me to wait :P
ewilhelm (author)  FrenchCrawler8 years ago
I'll have it done by tomorrow night!
ewilhelm (author)  ewilhelm8 years ago
Whoa! It's still the 14th where I am, so despite the date on my comment, I'll have it done by end of the day October 15th.
g0pher ewilhelm8 years ago
where will the results be posted?
ewilhelm (author)  g0pher8 years ago
also, you won! awesome!
So ummmmm, Who do we contact (email) to give our personal information to cause I've been checking my mail and I haven't seen any notification in there to reply to? Have they been sent out or are you still in the process (Should take a while from the amount of winners... I think)? Thanks :)
ewilhelm (author)  FrenchCrawler8 years ago
You haven't missed it. I'll get to it as soon as possible.
i asked this same question, congrats btw frenchy ;D
The real congrats goes to you... Excellent job, I knew you would win seeing as how simple yet useful your idea was ;)
Yay.... Actually everyone who entered magnetic projects technically won. Patches for everyone..... (Now to figure out the best way to show them off :) )
ewilhelm (author)  g0pher8 years ago
In the news section. I just posted them!
g0pher ewilhelm8 years ago
where will the results be posted?
trebuchet038 years ago
Well... its struck october on the east coast :P

What I think does not matter as far as the contest goes... but here's my opinion for magnetic projects (all excluding myself :p) ;)

Best Documentation
pronteon and the Magno-Sniffer
MrMunki and the Tic-Tac light

Best use of Materials (recycling etc.)
PeterTheUnGreat and the Magnetic Speed Sensor (plus he has a cool o-scope)

Most Novel Idea (aka originality)
VIRON and the Magnet Powered Telephone (I've never heard of doing that)

Best application of a commercial equivalent
g0pher and the Magnetic Stirrer

Most submissions
For sure: FrenchCrawler (circa 20)

I have no idea award (can't find a use - but interesting nonetheless)
fungus amungus and the waterfall of destiny
AlextheGreat and the brake tower

First Magnetic Project(s) I'm Likely to Build (aka - cool factor & usefulness for me)
Tic-Tac light (modified)
Magno-sniffer (applied as a gauss meter)
Magnetic Stirrer (to make a vortex generator for ambiance)

There's plenty more - I tried to include most of everyone but now it's time to close :p
Yay, I really do have too much free time on my hands.....but I'm going to try to focus on one major (hopefully winning) project for halloween cause it is my favorite holiday too.
Ok, so there's some small projects I'd also like to share... I hate it when my mind wanders...
zachninme8 years ago
Man, I wish I had a decent camera. If we make CAD drawings, would they get like 1/2 score on that section? Of course, GOOD ONES. And this is sorta a reference for next month.
ewilhelm (author)  zachninme8 years ago
If the pictures are clear and descriptive, it doesn't matter what their source. So, yes CAD drawings could be just fine.
g0pher8 years ago
So top 5 will win the helmet cam and the spy cam?
ewilhelm (author)  g0pher8 years ago
If you win the magnet challenge, it's your choice. For the September project contest, it's the spycams.
could someone win more than once, by having more than one winning instructable?
ewilhelm (author)  AlexTheGreat8 years ago
You can only win once, but should definitely enter as many projects as you can. Remember that the projects are judged on many different vectors including documentation quality, clarity of pictures, and so on...
I have just noticed this challenge and i will accept and do my best.I have verry little time though.
robwen8 years ago
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Electromagnetic remote control can make people move their limbs:
We can use TMS to prevent people from seeing a visual stimulus or make it hard for them to speak", he says. They can also make people move their limbs without any voluntary control. Some of the first studies showed that applying TMS to the brain's temporal lobes, the regions just above the eyebrows, altered the mood of volunteers. When they stimulated the area above the right eyebrow, the volunteer experienced euphoric happiness. When they targeted the left temporal lobe, the subject lapsed into apathy and sadness.

BBC report (God on the Brain( - magnetically induced religious experiences:

Commercial device:
PetervG8 years ago
|M| A G N E T M |A| G N E T M A |G|N E T M A G |N| E T M A G N |E| T M A G N E |T|
g0pher8 years ago
I hope I can get my hands on that camera!! looks so... SECKSY
leevonk9 years ago
I have a large electromagnet that can lift 1,500 lbs, anyone want to buy it? It needs a 24 volts, 24 amp power supply. I made a power supply out of daisy chained PC power supplies, you can buy that too if you want.
how much are you selling it for
I bought it new for $100 off ebay. turned it on twice, didn't do what I wanted it to do (I wanted it to bend 0.003" diameter electrodes as I guided them through organic tissue but the electroded were too thin and weren't attracted much). I'll sell it for $75 plus shipping (depends on where you live, I live in brooklyn NY)

Outside dimensions – 5.125” x 6.375” on the face and 4” tall
Cord length – 6’
Lift strength at 24VDC – 1494 pounds
Lift strength at 12VDC – 93 pounds
Resistance – 1 ohm
Operating voltage – 120VAC or less
Mounting holes – (2) ½-13 tapped holes on 3.5” centers.
Approximate weight – 19 pounds


if you want it I'll give you my email
I wonder if you could use that to erase all the tapes that are still left on the shelves in blockbuster, like in Fight club. Btw where are you in Brooklyn (Im in metrotech).
After watching the mythbusters episode on just such a thing, I can safetly say, yep, it'll work.... but why not go with a NdFeB magnet? those work great too, and they don't require wiring... ( https://www.magnet4sale.com/xcart4/home.php?cat=311 I reccomend the $22 one) It should do ya just fine.
hehe... make a copy of that MagLev Bed :P

No thanks, I don't want my bed flipping over and crushing me while I sleep.
yeah really :P 1.5K pounds is whole lotta force :/
trebuchet039 years ago
Magnets eh? I acecpt.
I accept as well, and soon i will make two magnet oriented instructables. I'll give a hint on one of them, Lorenz force

Magnetic darts: http://www.instructables.com/id/E7343C85JWERIE2RED/

I always knew it would come in handy one day (besides keeping me amused)...
zachninme8 years ago
Why go for a super-complicated thing that uses a 100$ 1.4K lb. electromagnet, it would score incredibly low in something ;-)
K.J.9 years ago
Do Electro-Magnets count?
At last I can say I truly like my camera. Yay for the D'zign DZ-320 3.2 Megapixel Digital Camera (The secret is to quickly push the button and not hold it....... and take more pictures if the other ones screw up).