A simple trick, using that most basic of equipment; your body.

Step 1: Preparation.

This is a LOT easier and quicker than readin the instructions.

Hold your left hand with your fingers together and pointing to the right, thumb uppermost.

Fold your thumb ninety degrees at the knuckle so that it is pointing at your body.

Bend you right thumb at ninety degrees as well.

Lay your right thumb along the top of your left index finger, with both bent knuckles touching each other.

Roll right index finger around the two knuckles to hide the join.

Step 2: Execution

You will develop your own little spiel to go with this trick, but I generally start by complaining that my thumb feels a little stiff.

I quickly get ready (with practice, it will take only a moment to prepare, and it can be hidden in plain view simply by doing it quickly. whilst moving your hands together), then fake a little strain on the joint, as if I was pulling and twisting the joint. I allow my thumb to move slightly in an un-natural direction, twisting and bending.

Then, with a dramatic little grunt or gasp and a little jolt, the thumb comes loose. Look! I can slide it up and down along beside my index finger, how gross is that?!?

Don't indulge yourself!

If you leave your thumb "disconnected" for more than a moment, you risk the trick being spotted. Quickly "replace" your thumb, hiding the switch from two thumbs to one in a flourish and waving of digits, as if you are testing the joint.

The trick works best, obviously, with small children. If nobody else you know does the trick, though, it can work on kids into their early teens, especially if they have just been telling each other spooky stories...
I've always loved this gag, and your's is a perfect ible.<br><br>What I never liked was our grandfather chasing us around his house with his false teeth in his hand, all in fun. <br><br>Yuck.
when I was twelve, my sister's boyfriend pulled this trick on me. little did i know that he was actually missing his thumb. haha
I like the way you worded it.<br />
I remember this and have done it since!
So simple yet so good
Thank you (and thanks for the subscription!).
No problem!
Umm it hurts when i keep my hand like this 4 long.
try your pointer finger it works much easier
we had to do this book thing for the lower schools and i just randomly did this (i had a little bit of red marker drawn on my thumb >:) ) it really freaked em out
I love this one! It drives 'em crazy. "hey, how'd you do that?" every time. good one kiteman
OMG!! whered it go?!?!u hacker
When i was a kid i tried pulling this trick on my great uncle. He seemed impressed and then said "i can do that". He grabbed his fingers with one hand and yanked and held up his hand to show me that his pinky finger on one hand was missing. I ran away in fear having never noticed that he was missing that finger before.
ha ha ha ha my uncle is missing his middle finger.
thats crazy halarious.
LOL!!!!!!!!! that must have been bloody hilarious!
i do it with my pointer finger<br/><sup></sup><br/>@@<br/><span class="underline"></span><br/>
That is very creepy.
uh,no its not...not unless you're like five.
I remember those times in first grade...
yea me too.
*Doubble take*... wha? *scratches head* Cool.
Anyone else confused as to why this shows up in the Office Supply Challenge page?
LOL!!!!!! cuz its a cool trick but funny comment lOL!!!
You try working in an office with no fingers and no sense of fun.
i knew how to do this in third grade... nice one tho
Ha, funny!! Is it just me or does ~~Low Rider~~ hate your instructables?
He was an odd one, went off the rails for some reason. Shame.
Ya, I don't get why people do that, maybe it is the anonymity of the internet that provides protection for them, they can make fun of people without ever being caught
It wasn't fun, it was some serious stuff he was accusing people of.
oh, well, still
I'm not sure what kind of answer i'm going to get here, but what exactly was Low Rider doing?
I don't know, all I know is that he posted two comments, both on kiteman's instructables, both bad enough to get him banned
Those must have been pretty bad.
dude awesome
:D my grandfa showed this to me when i was little child.
my father learned me this when i was six years old, i allways showed it to other people! and i loved watching their faces :P untill someone fainted after i put some fake blood on my fingers :P
Darn I can't do it. Stupid double jointed thumb
im in year 11, im 17 and iv used this in my freinds, its so funny watching them try and figgure out how its done, i think theres a variation of this trick where you use the middle finger as opposed to the thumb.
this is amazing you have to teach me how to do this
Er, follow the Instructions? Practice in a mirror, though.
I know I was jk
lol thumb-emo
You took off your thumb! HOLY CRAP CALL THE HOSPITAL!

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