How to Etch the Instructables Robot Onto Wood or Anything Else!





Introduction: How to Etch the Instructables Robot Onto Wood or Anything Else!

Well, at first I learned how to do this from this Instructable. So, I did the Instructables Robot, but in a different way. I hope you like it.
This can be kind of a like a gift for your friend that really likes Instructables. I might do this for my friend Dylan, I got him into Instructables.
I hope you like this Instructable!

Step 1: Get Your Materials.

The only things you need for this Instructable are:
1 Soldering iron (NOT a soldering gun.)
The place you desire to have your Instructables Robot.
A mechanical pencil, or something that has the plastic tip.
1 Pen (optional)
A picture of Instructables Robot

Step 2: Tracing the Robot.

In this step, place the photo of Instructables Robot on your desired place.
Get the pencil, and MAKE SURE there is NO LEAD STICKING OUT.
You just need the plastic thing.
Now, trace over Instructables Robot quite hard, but not hard enough to rip the paper.

Step 3: Re-tracing.

Okay, once you finish tracing, take off the paper.
You can see the Instructables Robot quite good, but retrace it again (without the paper) a little bit harder to make it stick out more.

Step 4: Get the Soldering Iron! (Not Gun!)

Now is the part where you start to burn things.
Cover up your fire alarm, then get to work.
Start tracing over the Instructables Robot with the soldering iron, but not too deep, and it should come out like the picture below.

Step 5: OPTIONAL: Marker Tracing.

Here is an optional step.
You can trace over the Instructables Robot with a very inky pen. Before you do that, scrape out the inside tracing of the Robot, or wood will get on your pen.
It should look like the bottom picture below.

Step 6: You're Done!

Congratulations! You're done! Now whenever people come over, you can show your love to Instructables! Just rub it in their face (not literally)!

Have fun!




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    A Soldering Iron Should NEVER Be Used On ANYTHING Except Solder And Metal...

    i did this but i wrote MY ROOM and hung it up it has a very old west look

    you said you could soulder anything. how about metal?

    +1 This idea is awesome!!! So going on my dresser.

    By the way...I was on and was searching for a soldering iron. I was reading a review...and it was you!!! I'm pretty sure it was you anyway. Does a cordless red soldering iron sound familiar?

    I was going to ask the same

    Yeah I thought so!